Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Insta-Wednesday: Erm...catching up!

Because I love Instagram and fun pictures. The Herd's week ala Instagram :)

Yeah. So I somehow missed like two weeks in April. Erms. Oops! 
So catching up a little on that. Then from here on out probably doing the Insta-Wed every other week...

His Majesty. #ItsTheMo

Okay. Might be time to put the laundry away. 
#queensizebed #2moreloadsdownstairs #domesticgoddess #adulting #igotthis

(yeah I ended up adding like 4 loads to it instead of putting it away lol)

Its highly probable that some book squeal-age just happened at casa herding kitties.
 highly probable. lol *pets all the pretties*

Were having an icky rainy day so... some pretties from last week :)

Feeling whiskerly.
#HerdBoy #WhiskerLove #ThatFace

Freebies from Kroger and Harris Teeter this last little bit. From Krogers Friday Freebie that you add to your reward card...the chips, dip and little freen drink. From HT all the rest. The drinks, gluten free crackers were for linking my vic card to email (thwy send out free items every couple weeks) and the produce because the scale was broken and she didnt want to hold me up so freebies for the hassle. Nice, right?

#freebies #gotitfree #inmycart #tryingnewthings

#BabyG loves that there are kittehs in this one. Night Shift is so good, yall!

Um. The rain may have arrived.
#mothernature #scaredofyou #rainyday #letsread #casaherdingkitties

My Friday goal of moving only enough so noone thinks Im dead may just happen... 
#fitnessgoals #killingit #fitbithell #butIdontwanna

Helpfulness according to G.

Stuck at home while Im feeling icky so decided cooking would happen. Made a tamale pie and now reading on a bit of Celeste Bradley. Its a historical with two biologists! (this was SO good, yall!)

If you do a photo post on your blog or FB feel free to link yourself in :)


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