Wednesday, March 28, 2018

[InstaWed] Oh that face! BabyG turned 10!

Because I love Instagram and sharing what we've been up to the last couple weeks...

BabyG, food, books. Ornery nature. That's about it. lol

lol she's done.

Noms! Looked up and was like oh damn! it's 1030pm already?! Maybe I should, you know, eat. lol 

I love watching a bujo spread come together from blank page to pencil, pen, color and ink.

lol woke up with 3 on my pillows and one on my chest. We don't do personal space in this house. lol

Sometimes you need pie. Peanut butter cream pie with a chocolate chip cookie crust to be exact. *nods*

lol y'all. She's watching TV. She has a thing for cowboys.
I could not get her attention for anything. lol

Y'all. My baby is 10! Ten year ago today, almost to the hour, I met BabyG. She was a tiny little grey force of nature who changed everything. <3

BabyG on day one.

My couponing donation for the second half of Feb. Wound up all being free.

I won an amazing giveaway over on FB this month from Katy Regnery. I've been reading her other series and it's amazing. Cannot wait to dive into her fairytale series. I've heard such good things about book one. Thanks so much, Katy!!! Any of y'all read her? Have a favorite?

All the noms! Free fancy pasta, tomatoes/asparagus/garlic on sale and with rebates. 

Fuck off with yourself, Winter. You aren't killin my babies today. Damn ornery heifer with your snow... again. It is not your turn anymore. Move it along. We're done.

(they all survived)

Yum! Lunch. Tricolored quinoa and things with a lemon dressing. Noms.

This was my view this morning. lol #OtherSideOfThePillow #catmom #thatface

99cent asparagus called for cheesy baked asparagus.

I'm excited for Marry in Scandal. Marry in Haste was so fun. And such pretty covers!

If you do a photo post on your blog, FB, etc feel free to link yourself in :)

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