Friday, March 9, 2018

[memes] Bookish Things & some Surprises!

I wanted to meme. And only had one weekly post to do it. So there's a whole lotta memeage happening in this post. You might have to scroll down a bit to get the one you're looking for. 😸

Soooo my awesome make me giddy book binge has ended. *flails* lol I read SO many books the last month that were awesome. This There was a struggle, yall. lol

In other news the food pantry went great on Wednesday and so did the USO on Monday though one of my guys is having a hard time and likely taking a leave of absence which will be sad. The herd is being the herd and thankfully mostly fine. And I've been working on projects and cooking and organizing and couponing. So it's been a fine week. We did have a moment of absolute crazy. 50degrees and SNOWING. What the flipping hell?! I was SO confused! lol

A semi-light week all the way around. 
I managed to not take on ANY review books. Proud of that. Whew!

My Amazon Prime freebie for the month-- True Fiction. I've enjoyed Goldberg writing with other authors so fun to try a solo read.

Read This Week
Alas, my book binge has ended. I read two this week-- Royal Date and A Bride for a Billionaire-- and both rather sucked. Not the worst I've read but 2 stars was feeling generous on both. Bummer.

Currently Reading
Vampire Most Wanted has been sitting on my Edelweiss review pile since, erm, 2015. I'm finally doing it. About halfway through. Will leave one book still on my review pile there. Slowly getting myself right. *nods*

This Week's Planner

I'm seriously smitten with it. The flowers took me a minute to figure out but I think they turned out nicely. I did time tracking this week and then a top 3 things to do each day at the top.

hosted by: That Artsy Reader Girl

Top Ten: Books That Surprised Me 
(in a good or bad way)

Five Happy Surprises!

1. A Virgin River Christmas by Robyn Carr-- This one packed an emotional wallop. It did me in. (Amazon | 5 star-Review)

2. Need You Tonight by Roni Loren-- My first by Loren and damn she's an amazing erotic romance author. So much kinky fun and an incredible romance. (Amazon | 4.5 star Review)

3. Fair Play by Deeanne Gist-- Not my typical genre-- Historical Fiction-- so I was wary. But she blew me away. Fascinating stories about the Worlds Fair.  (Amazon | 4.5 star Review)

4. Promise Me This by Christina Lee-- NA isn't my go to genre but Lee captivated. This one had me an emotional mess for days.  (Amazon | 5 star Review)

5. Fly With Me by Chanel Cleeton-- I got this book for review consideration like 6 months before release. And the ARC just sat on my shelf. I did NOT want to read it for some reason so I ignored it. And then finally talked myself into reading it and holy fucking shit. It was phenomenal and is one of my top books ever.  (Amazon | 5 star Review)

Five *growly* Surprises

Five of my at the time favoritest authors. And books that totally tanked in my opinion. ::shudder::

1. After the Storm by Maya Banks-- RIDICULOUS insta-love. This was my last book by her. I bailed on my once loved series.  (Amazon | Review)

2. Better Homes & Hauntings by Molly Harper-- Hilarious author. This book..dull as sterilized dirt. (Amazon | Review)

3. The Unleashing by Shelly Laurenston-- I love her shifters/worlds. I hated near everything about this one before I finally DNFd it after months.  (Amazon | Review)

4. Too Wild to Tame by Tessa Bailey-- I still love Bailey but this series is NOT for me. The heroine was atrocious.  (Amazon | Review)

5. Luckiest Cowboy of All by Carolyn Brown-- I wanted the heroine to die. Seriously wanted a horse to fall on her and her to die so the hero could get a second romance and find a decent human being to spend his days with because she was not. it.  (Amazon | Review)

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