Wednesday, March 21, 2018

2.5 stars-- More to Love (A Perfect Fit #3) by Alison Bliss

Whew. Yall. Usually if I'm gonna have issues it's the heroine. But this time? This time...nope. Fab heroine. The hero, though? Sweet Baby Jesus.
The Gist: Max in his fucked up brilliance decides to impersonate a health inspector so he can run off a new food truck that's taken up in the area and is harming his friend's restaurant. And in the process is a total wanker shit even though he's completely taken by and falling for the curvy redhead who owns said food truck he's trying to run off.
Okay. So lets start with Jessa because she's a pretty awesome heroine. Smart, ambitious, talented. She rocks her plus sized curves and a hot skillet. She's passionate about food and trying interesting fusions and I just enjoyed her character immensely. She's good people.

And then there's Max. Who is a neurotic fucked up mess that needs to eat a goddamned cheese burger in hopes it'll make his hungry food deprived "healthy" ass a little less fucking stupid.  Yeah. I will give Max one thing. He'll do anything to help his friends and the people important to him. But he's such a dumb ass wanker. And a total health nut to boot. The struggle was real, yall.

The romance. When Max wasn't being an asswipe I liked them together. They were opposites in a lot of ways but that worked for them. Things get very steamy and whew boy yeah they heat things up right good but it was hard to fully buy into the romance since Max was, well, Max and he spent nearly the entire book lying to her-- which was incredibly stupid on it's own.

One of my main issues, though, was the hero and food. He'd been fat as a kid and as an adult was so fixated and rigid about eating "healthy" it came across as an eating disorder. For example. They go to dinner and he's thinking how horrified he is watching her eat a salad because the ranch dressing had so many calories. Wouldn't eat a single taco from her food truck and wouldn't dare eat a slice of pizza, a muffin, a regular sandwich, fries, dressing, anything from his friend's cafe other than grilled chicken and sweet potatoes or maybe a veggie burger because one bite of anything else and it would throw his diet off track for months. It was just sad how frantic he was over food and something that needed to be addressed because it was not healthy in any way. But it was completely ignored.

Overall... oy. I seem to love elements of Bliss's books and struggle with others. This time I really loved the heroine and who she was and the town and everything but the hero just grated my last fucking nerve.

Jessa Gibson may be new in the little town of Granite, Texas, but in no time at all her gourmet food truck business is booming. Soon she'll have enough money to open the restaurant of her dreams. But first, she'll have to appease the hot local health inspector, no matter how strange his "violations" sound to her. No pink plastic gloves? Really?

Max Hager isn't exactly who he says he is. Pretending to be a health inspector is a (mostly) innocent mistake. A mistake made way worse by Max's immediate, electrifying attraction to the curvy, sexy, redheaded chef. Throw in a whole lot of lust, and things in Jessa's little kitchen are about to really start heating up. But can Max find a way to come clean with Jessa before his little deception turns into a recipe for disaster?

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