Monday, March 12, 2018

4 stars-- Midnight Games (Killer Instincts, #3) by Elle Kennedy

Holy crap! Now that's how you do a romantic-suspense! A scorching slow burn romance and suspense that'll get your heart pounding. Excellent!
The Gist: Trevor and his team of mercenaries have gone through hell and come out the other side needing help tracking down those responsible. Isabel and the assassins she works with... are just what they need. Their bosses may hate each other but whenever these two are in a room together sparks fly and temptation hits hard and heavy. Even in the face of danger.
Oh Trevor and Isabel! Yes! They've been such a tease the first two books dancing around each all overcome with lusty thoughts and sheer panic when things start getting too real between them. ::snort:: But with good reason. Damn, yall. These two have had some serious trauma in their pasts and it's been hard to watch as they faced painful memories and in Trevor's part tried to find the strength to keep on living. 

Trevor's definitely rocking the sexy alpha male with a heartbreaking vulnerability underneath and Isabel. Well she's fascinating. She's a chameleon and can basically become an entirely new person that even friends don't recognize. She's bold, talented and rocking some deep hurts. 

Now, as a couple. Heat just pours off of them. I liked that even though they had some serious attraction happening things do take time between them. They both had so many issues to get past that it really made sense. There are some really touching interactions, some funny, some sweet as they both deal with their attraction and getting over the past. 
"I haven't had sex in three years," she blurted out.

Her out-of-the-blue announcement caused Trevor's dark eyebrows to shoot up to his forehead. Raking one hand through his sleep-tousled hair, he stared at her with bewildered eyes.

"Um..all right." A faint grin lifted the corners of his mouth. "It's been two years for me."

She nervously licked her lips. Felt the heat of embarrassment staining her cheeks. "I don't know why I said that."

"Sure you do." The grin widened. "You were turned on, you got scared, and you felt compelled to make it known that sex isn't something you treat lightly."

Her jaw fell open, even as amusement danced over her. "Oh, really?"

The suspense. Gah! Yes. It had me going. I knew there would be a twist at some point but hadn't totally figured out the who and why. I really enjoy seeing the two teams work together. Combining their different talents and methods be it disguise, strength, stealth, tech, etc. This is a hard group of men and women who don't hold back when it comes to getting justice and they're something to behold.

All in all, Midnight Games was one of my favorites from the series. Everything from the romance to the suspense and team interactions just fell into place and created a knock out read that kept me excitedly turning the pages.
A master of disguise, Isabel Roma spends her life pretending to be other women. Normally, her emotions are reined in tight—but sexy mercenary Trevor Callaghan has a knack for getting under her skin. The elite operative’s quiet strength and raw magnetism affect her in ways she’s never felt before, a distraction that can quickly turn deadly in their dangerous line of work.

After putting his tragic past behind him, Trevor is ready to focus on his future—and he damn well intends for Isabel to be in it. When their entire operation is thrown into chaos, Trevor enlists Isabel’s talent for deception. And as they attempt to save their team in a world where the stakes are high and the danger is grave, Trevor must convince Isabel that the woman beneath all the disguises is the one worth having...

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