Saturday, March 17, 2018

[tasty delights] Peanut Butter Cream Pie w/ Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Crust

The #BlogAllAboutIt prompt this month is our favorite scent. And I was like hmmm what in the world can I do for that? I do love a lot of scents. From my current perfume to puppy breath. Cut grass is nice. And even though I don't eat them I love the scent of coconut things. Coffee, too. 

But then I was like...cookies! Well, really, all baked goods. My mom is a baker. She does everything from regular cookies to wedding cakes. People LOVE her baked goods and are always wanting them for special events. The funny thing is growing up? I didn't want her baked goods. I wanted a Publix white cake for my birthday. I didn't want that fancy stuff she makes. No ma'am! lol But I do love the smell of baking. lol My poor mom. She was a total champ, though, and got me those Publix cakes. Even brought one nearly 600 miles from FL to NC one year before we had a Publix because at 35, yeah, I still don't eat most of her baking. So bad, I know! lol
Anyways. I thought I'd do a cookie baking post. But that's so boring, right? I mean it's just a mix and drop and bake thing. I got to contemplating my chocolate chip cookie mix. Thinking bars or...something. 

Someone in the FB group mentioned a pecan pie but I don't do eggs soooooo this happened! And omg yum!

I actually snagged this recipe from another blog but then had to do a lot of switching out. Those that have been around a while know I'm a vegetarian. I say with vegan tendencies. lol I'm not a full vegan. I still eat cheese and butter but I'm slowly working my way there even if not intentional.

So almond milk, specialty powdered sugar, applesauce instead of eggs. The recipe called for cream cheese (I don't do that in dessert) so substituted pudding in for cream cheese and whipped cream.

*I ended up not using the vanilla

Things start out pretty easy. This time I used a cookie mix. First time I've actually used a powdered one and it was fine. Just had to mix in butter and applesauce/egg.

It's pretty loose dough which was fine. I sprayed one of my Christmas pie pan ad then pressed the dough down into the bottom.

Baked a little longer than called for so it would be crispy for the crust. 

That is NOT a paw print in the middle. I was just testing out it's done-ness before baking a little longer. lol

The filling was trial and error. I needed something that would be fluffy-ish but also set right so it could be sliced. I wound up with a box of pudding and about half the milk required normally.
I mixed the melted peanut butter with powdered sugar then stirred in the pudding and a little extra milk until it was the consistency I was looking for.

Spread over the cookie crust.

And added a little melted nutella because, really, nutella makes everything better and...pretty. Let that set for a couple hours then serve!

This was actually really good. It's incredibly rich so a small slice was all I could eat at once but it was nice. Different, I'm sure, than the original recipe but that's what baking and cooking is all about for me. Finding inspiration somewhere and tweaking until it's something that works for me.
It also smelled incredible. Nothing like a house that smells like warm baked cookies on a chilly winter day.

This Month's Prompt: Favorite Scent
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