Sunday, April 22, 2018

A to Z: Week 4 (T-Z)

I'm doing my challenge a little different this year. I'm doing a weekly post and adding letters to it as the week goes along. This post kicks off H-M. All random pics and parts of our life here at herding cats.

XS Kitten.
BabyG on day one. She was a bottle kitten. And super tiny.

Wonderfully Whimsical Washi Tape!
Every few months I do a washi tape wrap n my laptop. I love the little bit of extra cheer.

Vegan Meatloaf!
It was really good, yall.

My crew I volunteer with twice a month. I kind of adore them.

My girls are food hounds. They LOVE to eat and will not be denied their noms. And it doesn't matter what it is. They love their veggies. Cypress will go after a head of lettuce with a vengeance. And Marcie is all about avocados.


Sassy Lettering
Reading with my best girl. G loves her books. #MyCatReadsSmut

It's always so fun to open a new read and see your blog quoted.

Planner Perfection even when there's a blunder. lol  #FebruarySoRude

Ooops! We had 2 degree temps here earlier this year and my town, well, they forgot to turn off the new water features. lol Cool photo op, though!

Nightly view.
This girl loves her snuggles. We end most of our days like this while reading a book.

A to Z so far...

Mouse babies! Mini and magnificent!

Snuggles with my best girl. Her nose is a heart 💗💗

Kingsford and Ketchup.
Ketchup, yall, is my favorite food. Ever. lol But I found Applewood BBQ sauce from Kingsford and omg it's amazing. I'll actually have a sandwich with it instead of Ketchup. Unheard of. lol

Just Chillin' w/ a side of Joy (that's her middle name lol)

Ignoring me? Human... I don't think so.

Helpful Herd Babes.

Grilled Cheese all Grown Up... cinnamon swirl bread, cheddar cheese and apple.

Food Pantry. Paying it Forward!
(I started volunteering once a week at our food pantry and also coupon for donations, I'll have a post up later this month about it)

Enormous loaves of bread.
I was given this loaf of bread. Yall. It was enormous. But tasty.

Delicious dessert (it's a peach dump cake)

Cats captivated by cowboys.
G LOVES her some Cowboys.

B! Blissful BabyG at Bedtime. 
*nose boop*

A! Adorable, annoyed, Americus.

Check back tomorrow for U!

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