Saturday, April 28, 2018

[Blog All About It] Art! Nail Polish Mugs

Blog All About It Challenge! This month's prompt was Art and I decided to finish up a post I'd started and  just never got around to posting. A couple years ago I was doing my nails all the time and started doing nail marbling. It's pretty neat. You use nail polish and water to make different designs.

And I decided to give it a try on mugs and vases.

This was a little messy but very easy.

Pick out your nail polish colors, grab a bunch of cheap mugs--I hit up our thrift store and got a bunch of random 25cent mugs to practice on--and a deep bowl for dipping and a couple water bottles.

Wipe each mug down with a bit of nail polish remover to get off any oils or smudge.


Then drop your nail polish colors into the water.
Jiggle the bowl a little.
Or use a toothpick to swirl or make lines or whatever you'd like.

Annnnd dip your mug (or vase or whatever)!
Just put one end down in the water then roll slightly through the polish.

Then turn upside down and allow to dry on top of the water bottles.

Once they're dry take a bit of nail polish remover and wipe anywhere you would like to remove the polish--ex inside the mug, handles, around the lip, etc.

The great thing is if you don't love a design you can just take a bit of nail polish remover and in seconds you've got a clean slate again :D


If you're planning to use your mugs for drinking you do need to be careful to keep polish away from the lip of your mugs. I was just experimenting here (these weren't mugs I planned to keep) so didn't worry too much over that but I do plan to make some later on that I'll keep to use as actual mugs and will avoid polish around the mug lip on those. 


Once you have the mug or vase how you'd like use a non toxic clear sealer to protect the polish. If you wash them before that a bit of the polish will wear off as I found out. lol I'd suggest handwashing them as well.

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