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[memes] Books You Must Try + my week in books

I wanted to meme. And only had one weekly post to do it. So there's a whole lotta memeage happening in this post. You might have to scroll down a bit to get the one you're looking for. 😸

Whew, yall! How are we almost mid April?!! Noooo!
It was a decent week here. 

  • The girls are both holding steady and doing better. Relief! 
  • The weather's not been too bad. 
  • I got to the Food Pantry for my shift (I missed last week because of the girls being ill). 
  • And I did a lot of couponing which was awesome. $290 some groceries purchased and they actually paid me $3 bucks to buy it all. lol Got a lot of awesome donations from it. 
  • And a decent if not spectacular reading week.

So, a fairly good week. I'll take it for sure! lol

My reading week was okay. I enjoyed them all for the most part but none knocked my shoes off. Cooper's Charm was cute and a fun setting of an RV park. Melt for You pitted a book editor against a rowdy rugby player. They were both a spot ridiculous but it was fun. A Yorkshire Christmas was very cute but then ended at 48% of the ebook which ticked me off.

I used to love this series but Dark Moon as sat on my blogger shame pile for years. It's...okay. I think she's trying way too hard to be edgy. Or maybe I've just outgrown her as an author. Not sure.

I got one book for review consideration- Rachel Caine's Smoke & Iron. Seeing it's a series I LOVE I'll definitely be reading it.

I picked up two freebies. I've heard good things about Cecy Robson and the cover for The Ghosts of Larkwood Asylum was too amazing to pass up. lol

Midnight Rescue by Elle Kennedy
Holding Strong by Lori Foster

I have a helper. lol A simpler spread this week because I'm tracking time spent under my daily boxes. So things are filling in as I go.

hosted by: That Artsy Reader Girl

Top 11: Books You Should Read...Even If It's Not a Genre You Love

This week's list was a freebie make your own topic. And I thought I'd make some recommendations of books I LOVED that were amazing in different genres. Books that I think people should try even if it's a genre they aren't huge fans of or haven't had much luck with in the past. These are books I think could change people's minds about a genre :)

Historical Romance

Barton (now Bennett) is amazing. Her characters are lovely but she also brings the world and surroundings to life. Book one had me falling in love with historical gowns. Her descriptions were so rich it felt like you were there.

Basso has fascinating characters and strong women. Difficult situations but romances that just leave you stunned. 

Knightley is more on the sweet side but this one just knocked me over. I loved the characters and the baking involved. Her books are lovely.

Erotic Romance/BDSM

Roni Loren has climbed to the top of my favorite erotic authors list. This series is BDSM/kink centered and damn they are passionate, emotional and creative. With many varieties of kink and couples/menage set ups. Really ALL of her series are fantastic.

Sinclair was one of my first erotic authors. I love how she does BDSM and her heroes are amazing. She adds a bit of humor in as well though some take on pretty serious themes. My Liege? Lord have mercy. lol That is a lot of man right there. The Shadowlands are awesome, too. I think she's great for beginners since she works explanations into the books and many of the heroines are new to the scene so you kind of learn along with them and for me that kept it from being too overwhelming. 

Urban Fantasy/PNR
Briggs and Andrews are more Urban Fantasy-ish. Amazing heroines, sexy heroes, lots of battles/action that'll keep your heart racing. There's nice romances in the backgrounds. Book one in each is a little slow but holy cow after that things take off and had me hooked.
  • Briggs is more shifter focused with the threat of exposure, vampires, fae and various other entities determined to send coyote shifter and mechanic Mercy's life into chaos. There's a fun growly teasing relationship between her and the alpha wolf that lives behind her.
  • Andrews deals with magic and vampires/shifters but their vamps are not your typical vamps. The world is crazy with magic and technology clashing and trying to overtake each other and a heroine mercenary who's job it is to handle magical issues. 
Ashley writes one of my favorite shifter series. It's an interesting world where shifters have been outed and forced to live in shifter towns and had most of their rights/freedoms taken away. It's not always an easy one but gah these characters have strength and determination. And there are cubs. Yall. Cubs are just everything. lol

Contemporary Romance 

Shalvis (Lucky Harbor in particular) are just my happy place. They're so funny and sweet and nicely heated. One thing I love about these aside from the romances are the family and friend relationships. I love that. The people surrounding the couples are awesome and it's so nice to see those other relationships.

Cleeton freaking blew me away with this air force romance series (Wild Aces). The feels were insane and she had me absolutely captivated. It's one of the best military romances out there and feels very authentic. 

Dell does cowboys and rodeos. She has a different take on the rodeo and the relationships are all interesting. So are the individual characters including Cole (in this one) who has aspergers. He's one of my all time favorite characters. You have GOT to meet him. One of the best cowboy series around.

Historical Fiction
Gist is one I happened upon when I wasn't feeling too impressed by Historical Fiction and she turned it around for me. These are set at the Chicago Worlds Fair it's fascinating. The characters are all involved in the fair in some way with presentations, security, medical staff, etc. and she makes you yearn to be there yourself experiencing it all. I loved learning a bit more about the time and seeing how she worked in actual people, events, and such into the storyline. I can't say enough good about this series. 

So those are the books I think you should take a chance on. They're some of the best I've read in the various genres :)

Question: Is there a fictitious town in a book that you would love to live in? Why?
A: Lucky Harbor. I didn't even need to finish reading the question to know the answer. lol An abundance of hot guys, awesome ladies, the views and best of all the quirky as all hell townsfolk. They are just an absolute hoot with their nosy meddling selves.

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