Monday, April 30, 2018

The Monthly Herd-- April-- Imma Need a Nap, yall. lol

Yall...I need a nap! lol

On the Home Front
  • I had two sick kitties which took up a lot of time. They're doing pretty good though Cleo has had a couple iffy moments the last 2 days. It's almost time for her next injection so kind of expected.
  • I spent some time at the USO and Food Pantry
  • I got a lot of planting done and things are growing all nicely. It's so exciting to see!
  • I started my spring cleaning and so far it's going awesome. This coming week I tackle the kitchen
On the Blog Front
  • I had my first 5 star read for 2018!
  • Blog Ahead happened and I got an insane amount of work done and caught up on. Seriously. I had over 50 posts scheduled. It was amazing. I'm still at 47 scheduled.
  • I'm 22 books ahead of my Goodreads challenge!
  • I finished all Edelweiss reviews. And have 6 left on NG until 100%
Really other than a few annoyances with the weather, the tahoe deciding it wanted to have ALL the problems at once and taxes it wasn't a bad month at all. Went by quick but not bad at all.

Total Reviews: 9
New to Me Authors: 0
Favorite Read: The Vixen and the Vet
Towards Challenges: 9

5 stars

4 stars

3.5 stars

3 stars

A to Z Challange
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Insta-Wed : Week 1

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