Monday, April 23, 2018

3 stars-- Fearless in Texas (Texas Rodeo #4) by Kari Lynn Dell

Fearless in Texas. So, yeah. The hero... isn't a cowboy. And the book takes place... in Oregon. So, the cover is a bit special this time. Hot but, erm, yeah, okay. lol
The Gist: Melanie needs to escape town after shit hits the fan and winds up agreeing to put her professional skills to use saving Wyatt's floundering bar. The two have kind of been at odds but both needing each other in different ways agree to work together... for now.
"Is something wrong?" he blurted.

She paused, key in the door. "Nothing new. Why?"

"You're being nice to me." He narrowed his eyes. "What's the catch?"

"No catch," she said breezily.

Too breezy. Too friendly. A thought struck him. He stepped closer, grabbed her chin to turn her face toward him, and leaned in close to stare directly into her eyes. Her pupils looked normal, but still... "Did that cow hit you in the head yesterday?"

Mel and Wyatt were fiery. They are rocking that love-hate thing. They absolutely love to rile each other up which was entertaining as all hell. They're so perfect for each other, too, when they could just stop themselves from being punks. lol

  • Mel is a headstrong heroine. She goes full force into everything and doesn't back down. Loves fiercely but battles a temper that gets the best of her now and again. I didn't always love how she handled herself but liked her overall. 
  • And Wyatt. Yall. He's nearing 40 and has never felt like he had a community connection or that anyone would ever pick him when things were on the line. He's always stayed on the outside looking in, almost. He's a total giver even if it's behind the scenes and others don't know it's him. He's brilliant and crafty. And NOT a cowboy. He's a bullfighter but that's it. Doesn't do cowboy gear, doesn't have a ranch, isn't a fan of any of that. He's clean cut and polished. And can't ride a horse other than for proper showing. NOT A COWBOY! lol

I did like them both. And them as a couple. Seeing them let down their guard and try to stop sniping at each other long enough to actually get things done and find out more about the other.

So why only a 3. I don't know. The other books flowed so nicely but this one felt rougher. Like it needed a bit more polish to it. And I had issues with the "white guilt" "white privilege" crap that kept sneaking in. Gag and eye roll. I also had some trouble with a trope used. I hate a secret baby trope and somehow this managed to have a secret baby even though neither the hero nor the heroine actually have a child so that was weird and not my favorite thing

Overall, I enjoyed Fearless in Texas. There where some funny moments and some incredibly endearing ones as they each deal with their own issues. I just wish I had clicked with this one like I did the previous three. I had to fight a feeling of being out of sync with the book nearly the entire time. Something was just off this time.
After her life comes crashing down, Melanie Brookman is determined to claw her way back up again—and this time, she won't make the same mistakes twice. So when her friend sends Wyatt Darrington to help, Melanie keeps him at arm's length. He's exactly the sort of trouble she doesn't need.

Wyatt has the perfect distraction for Melanie: rescue his failing bar. She reluctantly agrees and together they hit the road. As they spend more time with one another, undeniable attraction grows. But Wyatt knows that if she ever found out his closely guarded secret, any chance at happily ever after would be left in the dust...

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