Sunday, April 1, 2018

The A to Z Challenge: Week One

I've participated in the A to Z challenge every April since I started blogging. I didn't sign up in time this year to get added to the list but I'm going to participate anyway but just a different way. lol Instead of a daily post since I really already blog daily I'm going to do a Sunday post and add to that post each day as new letters are revealed. 

I'm going to go with random this year, too, instead of a theme. So it should be...interesting. Sooooo. That said....

Food Pantry. Paying it Forward!
(I started volunteering once a week at our food pantry and also coupon for donations, I'll have a post up later this month about it)

Enormous loaves of bread.
I was given this loaf of bread. Yall. It was enormous. But tasty.

Delicious dessert (it's a peach dump cake)

Cats captivated by cowboys.
G LOVES her some Cowboys.

B! Blissful BabyG at Bedtime. 
*nose boop*

A! Adorable, annoyed, Americus.

Check back tomorrow for E!

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