Thursday, April 5, 2018

[quotetastic] 4 stars-- Smiling Irish (The Summerhaven Trio #2) by Katy Regnery

Yes, more Katy Regnery! Yall I have been on a binge read of all her books. They're just so fun.

So two quotes today that both gave me a laugh.

At the beginning of the book the hero (a stranger) had come to the heroine's door at 4am injured banging and needing help. He was pretty wild and delirious at the time. This is a bit later. The very last bit made me smile. I could so see him sitting there after he recovered saying that. lol
“I just...I just did what anyone would have—”

“No. Anyone else would’ve called the police. Anyone else would’ve been terrified. But you weren’t. Why weren’t you scared of me?”

“I was at first. But when I hit my head on the bathroom door, you said, ‘Sorry.’And later, you asked me not to leave. You said you didn’t want to die alone.”

“Fucking dramatic,” he muttered, disgusted with himself.
 And then this. I always think it's funny when someone stumbles like this. This is the heroine from book one who I'm assuming is rather proper from what was said talking to heroine #2.
"You don't generally have men coming and going. And now...well, now you do. Coming, I mean, not going. Oh! Not...not coming. I didn’t mean it that way. I just meant...Oh, Lord.”

Katy Regnery's books just make me happy. I swear. It's just impossible not to smile over her characters as they figure everything out. Smiling Irish did indeed leave me smiling.
The Gist: One stormy night Tierney's life changes when a crazed man starts banging on her door at 4am.
Aw these two. I loved them. Burr is a good man that's been forced to lead a terrible life for the past 3 years in order to do his job as an undercover cop. And it's taken a toll on him. Left him injured and in need of healing both physically and emotionally.

And Tierney. She's a bit of a recluse. She's always liked her quiet life living in the country taking care of a museum but she's not really living. She doesn't take risks and is starting to feel a little stifled and in need of excitement.

I loved their chemistry. The banter, the sweet moments as they both found their safe haven in each other, sassy fiery moments when they tweaked each other's nerves. They were just cute together if you can call anything including a big burly tattooed guy cute. lol There's some steam but it's slow burning and takes them a while to get there. I liked that, though. It suited their personalities and situation.

All in all, Smiling Irish was a fantastic read. A little touch of danger and some hard decisions added an edgy element and the romance was just swoon-worthy. Another win from Regnery!

Bookish Tierney Haven has always preferred places to people, and she especially loves the peace and quiet of Moonstone Manor, an estate museum located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, where she is head docent, chief historian and live-in caretaker. The very last thing she expects to find on the doorstep at midnight is bruised and bloodied stranger, Burr O’Leary, in desperate need of her help.

Against her better judgement and at the risk of her brothers’ wrath, Tierney offers Burr sanctuary at Moonstone Manor, and nurses him back to health, surprised to discover that the dashing, enigmatic stranger loves the history and peace of Moonstone as much as she. But Burr has a dark history, and those who hurt him will stop at nothing to eliminate him...placing Tierney in grave danger until he is well enough to find them first.

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(Loving Irish isn't live but I wanted to include the cover)

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