Tuesday, April 3, 2018

3.5 stars-- Claim Me, Cowboy (Copper Ridge: Desire #4) by Maisey Yates

It's always nice spending time with the sexy semi-cowboys* of Cooper Ridge.
The Gist: Joshua's dad decided to take matters into his own hands and placed a "wife wanted" ad in the paper searching for the perfect lady for his son. And the son, well he found out and placed his own ad looking the most unsuitable lady to teach his daddy a lesson. The bedraggled waif of a woman and her baby who showed up on his doorstep...yup...they'll do nicely! They just need to make it convincing and keep it from backfiring on them... as these things do. lol
Joshua and Danielle were quite the pair. She's a prickly mess with baggage to spare. He's a growly ass with a set of his own. They are such an unlikely pair but from that they grew into exactly what the other needed. He needed someone to mend his heart and help him care for something other than himself again. To soften his rough cold edges. She needed someone to help her see how wonderful and special she was. To give her confidence and security.

They had some nice sparks and some sweet moments. Some funny set downs and quips as they tried to prove they were a real couple and then settled into each other.
"You're beautiful."

Hearing him say that made her throat feel all dry and scratchy, madde her eyes feel like they were burning. "You don't have to do that," she said.

"You think I'm lying? Why would I lie about that? Also, men can't fake this." He grabbed her hand and pressed it up against the front of his jeans, against the hardness there.

"You're asking me to believe your penis? Because penises are notoriously indiscriminate."

"You have a point. Plus, mine is pretty damn famously indiscriminate. By my own admission. But the one good thing about that is you can trust I know the difference between generalized lust and when a woman has reached down inside of me and grabbed hold of something I didn't even know was there.
While I enjoyed this one it wasn't up to what I expect from Yates. There's the sweet and the sexy, of course. The broken, damaged characters healing and finding love. It made me smile and happy for them. But it needed more fleshing out. More scenes of them actually getting to know each other. More scenes with his family since that was what sparked the whole thing and they were basically absent from the book. There were a lot of missed opportunities. I felt for them and enjoyed my time with them but never got hit in the gut with their story or romance.

Still Claim Me, Cowboy was a fun read and a nice couple hours spent.

*note-- also, he's not a cowboy. He's like the anti-cowboy. He has a couple horses but dude is in architecture and not into ranching or cowboying at all. #NotHisThing
Wanted: fake fiancée for a wealthy rancher

Benefits: all your dreams come true

#1 Rule: don’t fall in love

The woman on his doorstep is brash, independent and holding a baby! His father won’t approve, which makes her perfect for Joshua Grayson’s scheme. He’ll pretend he’s marrying unsuitable Danielle Kelly to keep his father from meddling. He won’t be tempted to touch her, to claim her…or to fall in love.

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