Wednesday, April 3, 2019

[AtoZ] Coupons & Rebates (Tips for Saving)

I love couponing! If you've been around for a while you know that. I got hooked just about 2 years ago. And oh my gosh. The savings are INSANE! It's also an amazing way to be able to donate to charities (I donate to the USO and food pantry) at very little cost.

So far this year (since Jan 1) I've bought $3358. 85 worth of groceries and I PAID $358.05 for them. And $59.80 of that was tax. So I've saved $3,000. Holy cow, yall!

It's not hard, either. Takes a little time to plan it out but I do that while watching tv so not bad at all :)

Top Tips

1. You can coupon for ANYTHING. I coupon as a vegetarian so buy a ton of vegan and vegetarian items in addition to my regular produce, dairy, cleaning supplies, etc. There's coupons/rebates/ways to save on everything under the sun.

Don't see a coupon?
--Call or email the company! Many will send you coupons in the mail if you send them feedback. A quick hey LOVE this product do you have a mailing list for coupons? I'd love to be on it! works. I got these from Daisy last year.

--join their email newsletters. They send out print at home coupons ALL the time

--print coupons at home (linking to my site)

2. Use a COUPON on a SALE item. That doubles your savings. If it has a rebate even better.  (ex $1 coupon on a full price $4 box of cereal = $3 box, $1 coupon on a $2 sale box of cereal = $1 box)

3. Slowly Build Your Stockpile! There's a lot of components to couponing and it can be overwhelming. You don't have to do it all at once. Start slow. Get a stockpile going one item at a time. Ex.If there's an amazing mustard sale (like 15cents a bottle) I'll buy 12 (cost less than one full price). That'll keep me in mustard until the next amazing sale and I can buy other items with the money saved. After a while you wind up having enough of everything you need so you never have to pay full price.

4. Use rebate apps. Yes, they do take a little time but it's worth it. My favorites are Fetch and Ibotta. They're easy to use once you figure them out. Feel free to use my referral links!

Ibotta: rebates on specific items, bonuses help make earn a ton extra
Fetch Referral code V1MJA : just scan receipts

5. Join FB groups for Couponing. Not all groups are created equal. Some aren't ethical. Find a good one and learn from them. I have a small one if anyone is interested. I'm also happy to check out the larger groups you're thinking of joining to make sure they're good ones.

My Group is HERE.

6. Ask questions! I am always around and happy to answer couponing questions!

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