Tuesday, April 16, 2019

[AtoZ] -- Need Me, Cowboy (Copper Ridge Desire #6) by Maisey Yates

Need Me, Cowboy. Is there a time when I don't need a cowboy? Especially one from Yates? No...no there's really not! lol This one had a crazy unique set up, too!
The Gist: Levi's spent 5 years of his life locked away for his wife's murder. Only thing is...he didn't kill her. She's still alive. And he is pissed. And definitely ready for a bit of revenge on his money hungry social climbing ex. Thumbing his nose in her direction by having a glorious house built by the most sought after architect seems like a good place to start. He absolutely won't fall for the brilliant young little architect. He's off women. It's not gonna happen. He just wants the house please and thanks!
 Levi and Faith were great. He's got a lot of anger in him-- rightfully so!-- but is a good man under it all. Passionate and determined and sexy as all get out. Faith is his opposite in many ways. Innocent and full of light and hope. She's a brilliant architect but a bit sheltered.
She tilted her chin upward, her expression defiant. “Are you attracted to me, Levi?”

He gritted his teeth, the blood in his body rushing south, answering the question as soon as she asked it. “You couldn’t handle me, baby girl.”

“That’s not what I asked you.”

“But it’s an important thing for you to know.”

She shrugged her shoulders. 
The romance was decent. They were a nice contrast to one another and so good together. Both giving what the other needed. She needed to follow her heart and do something just for her (building his house) He needed someone to soften his rough edges and believe in him without question. Things steam up real nice, too. I did wish there'd been more time spent watching them get to know each other and fall in love, though.

Overall, Need Me, Cowboy hit the spot. I love Yates' characters. They're always a little bit broken and a little bit fierce. And pretty damn amazing in the end.

For five years, Levi Tucker had no control over his life, locked up for a crime he didn’t commit. Never again would any woman—any desire—overtake this cowboy’s common sense. Now Faith Grayson, the sexy, brilliant architect he’s hired to design his grand new house, is sorely testing his resolve. Faith is too young. Too innocent. Maybe just too tempting.

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