Saturday, April 13, 2019

[AtoZ] Liebster Tag #2!

Questions are always fun, right? I found a few of these I'd been tagged in and just never posted and figured I'd go ahead and toss them up on the page. I was tagged twice. By Words From Sonobe and by Voracious Bookling. I did Sonobe's questions a couple weeks ago so VB's questions this time!

Why did you start book blogging?
It was purely a whim. I was reading too fast and thought I'd like a place that was all mine to review them. And decided that at like 10pm on Dec31st. By 12am Jan 1 I had a blog :D
What kind of diverse characters do you wanna see in novels?
Honestly I hate the push for diversity in novels right now. It's too forced. I would rather characters show up on their own naturally without the PC pressure of it.
You're book blogging goals? 
To just keep blogging. It's been a long 7 years. I've enjoyed them but it's been an insane time suck. So the energy to keep going would be nice.
Have you ever been to a book bloggers event or book signing?
I've been to a few book signings and had a great time. No official blogger events but I'd be all over that. I do have a couple local ladies who blog and I get to see so that's fun.
You're favourite bloggers?
Ahh this question. I follow like 150+ blogs and for all different reasons. So narrowing that down is rough! But two I've followed the longest are Delighted Reader and Dark Thoughts. So they're usually my default answer for questions like this. lol
Your favourite book to movie adaptation?
Erms. I don't really watch many book to movie. I guess PS I Love You but I never read the book. Just watched the movie. lol
How old is your blog?
7 years, 3 month and 13 days (as of posting). lol
What to you love the most: Instagram or Twitter?
Instagram. I loathe Twitter. Instagram is all about the pretty. Twitter, unfortunately, often shows the ugly side of people. 
You're views about Instagram's algorithm?
Ugh. I hate how most social media tweaks feeds. Let me see everything as it's posted in the order it's posted by the people I follow, please!
What attracts you the most: book cover or synopsis?
Book cover. I never read blurbs.
Something that you want to confess to publishers or authors?
As above...I don't read blurbs. Ever. Send me the cover and that's how I decide. Sending me blurb or paid reviews from places like RT/kirkus and it's just wasted effort. And I hate when you market a book as a "if you liked X book you'll LOVE this one." Automatically makes it a no for me almost 100% of the time. 

Aaaand that's it for this tag. If you have questions you've wondered about feel free to leave them in the comments!

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