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[AtoZ] Unbroken Cowboy (Gold Valley #5) by Maisey Yates

Well these two were a handful.
The Gist: A devastating rodeo accident has left Dane's body and future in shambles. It's also put him in Bea's reach...finally. She's had a crush on him for decades and is dealing with her own bit of uncertainty about the future and trying to figure out what to do next. Bonus if it includes Dane. 
So yes. Serious. These two were a handful. A. Hand. Full. lol

  • Dane is surly all-kinds-of-pissed-off cowboy. He's gone from being in top shape and champion bull rider to barely being able to stand on his own and he's not handling that well. Knowing that the life he's built for himself is over in an instant and his body is wrecked. So I got his growly self. I also loved seeing him slowly coming back and figuring things out. He's got a good heart and giving soul under all that assholeishness. 
  • And Bea. She's generous, caring, a rescuer of all creatures. She's rather innocent but has a fierceness to her as well. I liked that she was finally standing up for herself and making changes she wanted to make. Taking some risks instead of doing what was expected.
“It just seems crazy,” she said, sounding more enthusiastic with each word.

“Yeah, but you’re a little crazy . And I mean that with full affection.”
Their romance was fairly slow since he's damn oblivious but I loved them together. An unlikely duo, maybe. But they also shared many similar hurts, were underestimated/stereotyped by the people they love, and have a fire in them even if it's a bit stifled. So they were rather fantastic together, really. And things do steam up nicely. Woo!

With some life changes and past drama creeping in it was a lively read. Lordy be! I liked how some of it was handled. I thought some needed a smidge more time to be worked on. Especially after a meltdown on the heroine's part later on.

But, overall, Unbroken Cowboy, was a fantastic read. I liked seeing these two carve out new lives for themselves. Taking risks, shedding expectations, finding a way to better themselves and their lives. There were some ugly moments and some heartbreaking ones along the way but in the end was worth it to see these two find their life's passions and their happily ever after.

In Gold Valley, Oregon, forbidden love just might be the sweetest… Dane Parker traded in his trailer-park roots for glory as a bull rider. But when a serious injury sidelines him for months, it’s the first time he can’t just pull himself up by his bootstraps. The last thing he wants to deal with is sweet family friend Bea treating him like one of her wounded animals—or the unexpected attraction that suddenly flares between them.

Beatrix Leighton has loved Dane for years, while he’s always seen her as another sister. When she enlists his help to start her animal sanctuary, she thinks it will give him purpose. Instead, it brings all the desire she feels for him to the boiling point. Bea’s father taught her early on that love means loss. But could her forbidden crush turn into a love that will last a lifetime?

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