Saturday, April 20, 2019

[AtoZ/memes] Reviews That Started It All! Oh, My! + my week in books

Happy Almost Easter!

This week was somewhat quiet here. I had the USO and Food Pantry. Both were pretty slow but went well. I got my 1000+ hour pin at the USO (I've officially volunteered 1155.25 hours). So that was neat.

We had some endless rain early in the week which caused a small flare up for Cleo but her vet is great and put her on an emergency steroid treatment and it's kept the flare up down. We had some expected SCARY weather on Friday but nothing much panned out from it. Just some heavy rain thankfully.

I did a LOT of planting and working outside this week. It's coming along nicely I think.


Untouchable-- I love Krentz and have enjoyed this series. Some light romance, some suspense as a killer and cult leader from the past comes after the heroes. It was pretty good though a spot anticlimacitc at the very end. 

Hot to the Touch-- FIREFIGHTERS!!! Woo! It was fun trying a new series from Burton. Interesting hero/heroine who both grew up homeless on the streets as runaway teens. 

Her Montana Hero-- A cute second chance as a young widow goes back to a childhood town and finds her first love. 

Mess With Me-- Growly mountain man hero and a skittish heroine he's supposed to train for extreme outdoor adventures.


The Player. Eh. Hot cover but kind of crummy read. I'm about 1/3rd in and just not feeling it. No chemistry. Bitchy heroine. Meh

Daughter of the Spellcaster I'm doing on audio. It's my very last Netgalley title. I'm not feeling this heroine either.


I got two awesome ARCs delivered this week. Storm Cursed by Patricia Briggs and Magic Triumphs by Ilona Andrews

I picked up a few this week.

Probable Paws (Mystic Notch #5) by Leighann Dobbs
Blog All About It: Oh, the Sweets!
Need Me, Cowboy by Maisey Yates
Meet The Herd: Cleo
In My Cart-- I Paid $38.52 for $468.75 Worth of Groceries
Liebster Tag #2!
Keeping Me Company on Rainy Days


hosted by: That Artsy Reader Girl

First Ten: Books I Reviewed on the Blog

It's interesting looking back. The reviews have definitely changed content-wise. And the types of romances have changed a bit, too. lol I've completely abandoned Rachel Vincent and Alesia Holliday as authors.

JD Robb and Rachel Caine I still read though not often.

Janet Evanovich is really the only one I'm actively reading on a monthly-ish basis. I've been enjoying a lot of the ones she's co-written with other people. Especially on audio.

*covers link to the past reviews.


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