Saturday, April 28, 2012

April Hot Reads!

Ever read books that get you a little hot and steamy?  If you do, join in Hot Reads and share some of your favorite sexy reads and find some new ones!

Hot Reads is a Monthly Meme, hosted by Book Savvy Babe and Alive on the Shelves, where we get to share our hottest read of the month!  Your choice can be any book, it doesn’t matter the genre, the length, whether it’s new or old.  If you read it during the month, and it raised your temperature, it qualifies to be a HOT READ! Hot Reads takes place the 28th day of the month.  So every month, be ready to share your HOT READ pick!

So. I've decided I'm just not all that good at following directions. I'm terrible at sticking to just one wee little book for this one. So this month I'm going with a theme for my Hot Reads :) Men who are good with their hands and that can handle a few tears and not freak out. 

Virgin River and Simply Irresistible (review) were two of my favorites this month. Both guys know how to wield a hammer and put them to good use. Just love that. Seems I'm a bit like Maddie from Simply Irresistible. The whole tool belt thing so worked for me.  I'm also a sucker for a man that can handle emotional moments and handle them well. Both heroines were dealing with some pretty awful emotional trauma and I loved how each of the men were there for them when they needed them. Were gentle and understanding and didn't shy away. Big strong manly men that have a tender side? Yeah, I'm a goner. 

“I crashed," she said.

"It was a helluva crash. If you're going to go down, go down big. You should be proud." And then he smiled.

He held her hand as it lay on her lap while she lifted her brandy to her lips with the other hand, trembling a bit. When it was gone, he said, 

"Come on. I'm putting you to bed."

"What if I cry all night?"

"I'll be right here," he said.      
-Jake and Melinda, Virgin River

“Sorry,” he said. “Let me drop the belt-"

“No.” She held on when he would have pulled away. “Don’t. I like it.” 

Again, he lifted her face, and he smiled. “The tool belt turns you on.” 

“No.” She closed her eyes and thunked her forehead to his chest. “Little bit.”   
 -Maddie and Jax, Simply Irresistible


  1. haha, LOVE the theme :) I had to pick 2 books last month, sometimes its just too hard to pick just 1. Great picks this week, and thank you so much for joining in Hot Reads this month. I love your teaser with the tool belt- made me smile :) Book Savvy Babe

    1. Some months there are just too many good ones! a theme definitely worked for me :)


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