Friday, April 27, 2012

What in Thunder?!? (A to Z)

I think I've lost a day or two and managed to get behind in my A to Z posts! I'm a bit talented that way some days. Ah well. 

So. What in Thunder?! I'd never heard this phrase until last month when I was reading Sabrina Jeffries Hellions of Halstead Hall series and my favorite character Jackson Pinter says What in thunder? Then just this week I had another character say it in a completely different series by another author! Ah, Love it! I know, random but I can't help it. Just one of those things that stuck with me. Now, what does that have to do with this post? Nothing really other than when I drove through town one day and started seeing all these randomly creepy bits of "art" I would have LOVED to have known this phrase because it so would have fit! And now, I bring you the creepy and slightly questionable "art" of downtown Cary, NC......

[Weather just wasn't playing nice with me this week so most of these aren't my photos and I grabbed em off google search]

Because metal statues hanging around with clear glass heads aren't creepy enough.....lets have them GLOW at night too! These guys are solar powered from what I could tell and are outside the Cary Art Center. Nightmares, people. Nightmares! There are actually glowing brains inside those creepy glass heads. 

This one is right on the main road in downtown and I drive by it at least 2 times a day on my way to the adoption center and home. I still don't quite get it but it kind of makes me think of a scary version of Mrs. PacMan which honestly kinda freaks me out. Like they ate the guy and are running off with him. It's called Getawaycar. 

Little metal people. Not. Good. 

Dancing little metal people. Really not good.

Okay so I actually LOVE one of them.  A metal horse you can see right through. At christmas there was a santa hat on her which I thought was just awesome. Even though real live horses are on the things that freak me out list I really do like this one. The pattern is so pretty and delicate. 


Yeah. Seems my brain has taken up permanent residence in the gutter. 

This one's outside the Cary Art Center. 

What in Thunder?! Would have come in real handy once scary frightful day when I was making my way from home to work and discovered Cary's visual art display. Real handy.


  1. We have weird and wonderful art, like these that you have shown, through out our city. I don't get most of it, and those that I do get are so simple even my 7 yr old gets it. I don't understand what they mean, which also leads me to wonder, what on earth is going on in these peoples minds who create said art?? Not exactly somewhere I want to go.

    For some strange reason, cities feel the need to spend money on strange and sometimes scary art, like the glowing heads!!! Now that hits it right out of the crazy park, especially the baby glowing head!! Creepy stuff!

    Great post!

    1. I was wondering the same thing when I saw some of these. What must it be like to be in that artists mind?!

      Those glowing ones. Just. Wow. I try not to drive by after dark. They're right at the road so you get a nice ol view of them. ::shudder::

  2. GREAT pictures. I've never seen anything like them. But--catch up. I'm on 'y' today. Why not make a combined blog of all the letters in between. We'll forgive you and help you along to the final letter. Thanks for liking the picture of the carved xylophone from Bali.

    1. I know I fell behind! I'm not sure how I did it really. Must have been all the good books this week! I got my X up and am almost done with Y. I'm so getting them all in before the month is over! :)

      Thanks for coming by Francene!


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