Monday, April 30, 2012

Zachary (A to Z)

Hope everyone's had a great time with the A to Z challenge! 

I really enjoyed it and think I'll play again next year. Was nice getting to know all of yall! 

And now my Z. 

My "little" Zachary was my first pup all on my own. I got him my first semester at college. Adopted him from one of the local rescues when he was just 4 months old.
Zachary at his first Christmas, 2001
He LOVES snow and the winter, 2002
Zack was a pretty happy pup. He loved playing out in the snow and could spend hours kicking up snow then chasing it down the hill like it was a toy. 

When I adopted him there was a whole..."he'll only be about 45 pounds full grown" bit. 

Uh. Yeah. We passed that at about 6 months. 

Zack and his kitten Gladys, 2008
Zachary ended up 140 pounds! So I got nearly an extra 100 pounds of pup!

But he's a gentle giant and loves his kitties. 

He loves women but men still freak him out a bit.

Adores his cats and has a healthy fear of them. Vega wouldn't let him go through doors for her first 6 months here. Now she snuggles up against him and makes him so very nervous. 

He even loves his turtles.

LOVES to eat. He's eaten entire pizzas, chocolate cakes, many loafs of bread.

Special treats we were taking home for Christmas, my entire Easter basket our first year away from home (even unwrapped all the chocolates). 

He's a great boy. A couch potato, a snuggler, a bit of a goof. Perfect pup even if he ended up being a giant!


  1. That picture of Zachary with his kitten is adorable!! I love gentle fuzzy giants. This is actually the second "Z" post that was dedicated to a pet that I've read today- so awesome! (My little dog is my pride and joy.) Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I had a cat named Zephyr many years ago. Thanks for the cute photos!


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