Friday, April 20, 2012

Quirks (A to Z)

It's been brought to my attention, maybe a couple of times, that I might just have a couple quirks. Figured I'd go ahead and get them out there. And, yeah, I'm a vegetarian animal rescuer. I get "but you rescue animals.." or "but you're a vegetarian..."all the time. 

Let's just ease ya in here....I'd rather see 4am than 4pm. 

Nature! Ew! It can be pretty but only with a nice thick piece of glass between us at all times. I'm all into concrete, steel and glass.

some foods just should not break the rules and join with others.

Pumpkins do not belong in pie. Neither do lemons, peaches, strawberries, blue or blackberries. Apples if they must.

Coffee is disgusting but coffee ice cream is my favorite.

Cheese really doesn't belong in any dessert. I don't mind it sliced with apples. Cheesecakes of any kind are just shudder inducing. 

Critter no-nos

Turtles are okay. But frogs, lizards, snakes, toads are so not.

Fish are okay in tanks but not in the ocean, ponds or lakes.

Worms are a no.

Dogs, cats, mice, rats are all fine. Guinea pigs freak me out a bit but I'm okay with them. Rabbits are not okay. They move way too quick. Ferrets are iffy. They just move too weird.

Most birds are completely off limits. But I put out bird feeders and baths. I'm okay with Pigeons and flamingos, though I've never met a flamingo in person. Geese are scary. I don't know about swans. Chickens and Turkeys but only if they don't touch me. I love ducks. Seagulls are mean and anti pigeon so we're not too friendly.

I like Lady bugs and rollie pollies.

No butterflies, moths, crickets and grasshoppers. Butterflies have no concept of personal space.


Grits, Cream of Wheat, Oatmeal, Cottage Cheese. Oh goodness no! I just can't do the texture of them at all. They totally creep me out.

Not a texture but lemon curd. Just cannot do it. What a terrible name for something!

Okay. I think that's all for now. I know there are some others but I think I've made myself look special enough for today. 


  1. your list made me smile and at the end of a long tiring day that was an acheivement - what a long list of no nos:) frogs are great and coffee icecream splendid - cheeses is nice in (do I dare say!!!) apple pie - there couldn't resist:)

    read about your turtle too poor feller - that is one mean old girl you have their - do you coulnt your fingers at night?

    happy A-Zing

    1. ::shudder:: gonna pretend I never, ever saw that apple pie cheese bit! Glad to have given a smile. Hope tomorrow's not such a long day for ya!

      Oh. And when the turtle has to take meds? Yeah we so count our fingers. She's a tad scary!

  2. Haha this made me giggle! I always get slagged by my family for hating tomatoes but loving ketchup and tomato soup. THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND ABOUT TEXTURES! I know what you mean about lemon curd too-unfortunate naming! x

    1. Yes! Exactly. Glad I'm not the only one with a texture thing :) I don't know why people don't get that. Mine are always teasing about the grits thing.

  3. Interesting list. We all have our little (or big) quirks. I can't bear the texture of raw cheese, but like it cooked e.g. pizza etc. Hate all flying 'bugs' too especially wasps, but can't bear to swat them. I could go on...

    1. Hm. Never thought about raw cheese. That is a little different :)

      I'm the same way. I don't like the bugs but can't do anything to actually hurt them. We do a lot of bug relocation here.

  4. Special as in quirky--I agree. Love the concept of butterflies having no personal space. How true. hehe.

    1. They really just don't get the concept! :)

      Hope you're having a great day Francene!

  5. You would not like my house. We have frogs and birds and cheesecake. LOL. Fun post!

    1. Yeah. Your house would totally do me in and turn me into a girly screaming mess. I'm such a wuss!


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