Saturday, April 28, 2012,okay....x (A to Z)

Ack. Yeah I'm a bit behind and really I've got nothing for X. I'm not even all that fond of the letter itself. So lets see what all we can come up with for this one....

Well. For characters I've got Xhex and Xcor from JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood. Can't say either really do all that much for me. I like the original brothers so much more than the recent books. But still two X characters!

Did find a new word! Xenodochy! The reception of strangers, hospitality. Kinda like that word, actually. Fits a lot of the people I know. Southern thing maybe?

Um.... how about some X animals? There's the Xantis yak. He's kinda cute in a hairy kinda way. My Zack tends to look a lot like this one a couple times a year. 

There's a bunch of birds and scary reptile things. This one's not all that bad.....he's little. Not that I'm all that wild about seeing the inside of my fish but at least he isn't of the growling variety. Something that I unfortunately now know about. Yeah. There are growling fish out there in the world people. Growling. Fish. OMG!

Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts. Okay. African Ground Squirrel (from the Genus Xerus). Okay. Really damn cute! Love a cute little squirrel.

Um. XoloitzcuintliHairless dog. Not my thing. I'm of furry dog kinda girl. But it's a baby so still kinda an aw thing. 

Aannnnd. I think I'm out of Xs. On to Y! 


  1. Hahahaha that hairless dog looks pretty miserable. Maybe because he has no hair?

    1. Doesn't he? Poor little hairless thing! I know I'd be a mite upset over it too :)


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