Tuesday, April 17, 2012

High Stakes (Vegas Vampires #1) by Erin McCarthy

He's a bloodsucking freak of nature. But, unlike other politicians, Ethan Carrick is actually a nice guy. Not to mention a very hot, wealthy, casino-owning vampire. It's an election year for vampires, which means he'll first have to escape his opponent's hit men. Then he'll have to find a suitable First Lady, preferably here in Vegas.

Brittany Baldizzi fits the bill. She's smart, pretty- and sweeter than a glass of diabetic O-Negative. But her protective sister Alexis steps in with a message for Ethan: Bite me. It's then that he realizes it's the sexy, no-nonsense Alexis who raises his stake. And as much as she denies it, Alexis wouldn't mind a romp in the coffin with him. But can a mere mortal, even one who risks her life for him, make a centuries-old, womanizing vampire feel something entirely new?

Type: Paranormal Romance, Vampires
Heat: 3 out of 5
Rating: 3 out of 5

McCarthy's Vegas Vampire series was a fun way to spend a few hours. Nicely done, McCarthy. Not too many could make a politician up for reelection and a lawyer so damn likable. Ethan, the President of Vampire Nation, turned out to be a pretty good guy. Easy going with a great sense of humor. And in desperate need of a woman who challenged him. A role Alexis fit perfectly. She's an absolute riot. Very in your face with some serious attitude. Says what she thinks, doesn't take crap from anyone and isn't one for sugar coating things. 

I loved the interactions between Ethan and Alexis, how they pushed each other's buttons and played off of each other. They'd tease and snark but it always had a light hearted feel behind it. Their nicknames for each other just killed me. Had me cringing and laughing at the same time. "Ball Buster" (BB) and "Garlic". Really? Ha. Okay, so they're pretty accurate for them but oy. The relationship between Ethan and Alexis is very much the focus of the story with the plot of his reelection campaign and the attempts on his life playing a secondary role. The two were so damn entertaining that the light plot wasn't a problem for me at all.
Feeling downright giddy, which must be the lack of blood, Ethan flung his arm over his face and winced. Doubled over. 
"What? What is it! Are you bleeding again?" Alexis reached for him. 
He dropped his arm and smiled. "No. It's just that I was momentarily blinded by your beauty." 
Her jaw dropped and she slapped his arm. "Idiot." 
But as he laughed, he saw her struggle not to grin.
One of the my favorite scenes was when Alexis and Ethan were reviewing a security tape and ended up getting a view of a human and a vampire getting a little frisky. Vamps have no reflection McCarthy's world so it was...interesting. I think this was a first for me and like Alexis I just couldn't turn away. Was too funny and showed McCarthy's quirky humor.
"This is really disturbing. I think I'm being scarred as we speak. It's like paranormal porn." 
Alexis did look a little pale. "Do you want me to turn it off?" 
"No, are you kidding? I have to see what happens. It's like a car accident, but with tongue. You don't want to look, but you have to."
High Stakes turned out to be a pretty cute book. It's fun, light-hearted, a bit silly. Perfect for days when you just need a bit of good mindless entertainment. The story flowed nicely, the main characters were fun and there was an abundance of sarcastic humor that I loved and that kept things very entertaining. Loved it!

Do yall like light quirky vamps or the dark broody ones?

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