Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A to Z: Hairy... (maybe, kinda, a little NSFW...maybe)

Herding Cats vs The A to Z Challenge!
This is my third year joining in on blogging the Alphabet in April!

2014 Theme: "Gasp, Sigh, Gigglesnort"

Hairy: Oh it's a Gasp and girly Sigh

 photo hairy_zpsf3ac3363.gif
I maybe kinda have a thing for hairy chests. *looks around innocently* Now, don't get me wrong. I love ALL my man candies. And I'm not talking like full on bear pelt. But a little sprinkling...

Sweet Mary. *thud*

So in the whole spirit of sharing is caring and all that I raided my man candy folders just for yall...

 photo tumblr_mjvapchgxD1r37lapo1_400_zps08a74a58.gif

Sooo. Those are my favorite man candies. *faints*

Yall feel free to add your favorite hairy chests to the comments. Just click on the little mountain-ish icon at the bottom of the comment box and upload! Naughty is welcome just no, erm, full on naughty bits please.

I so wouldn't mind but don't want to get snagged by the blogger police ya know. 

A to Z-ers PLEASE leave your blog links!
Even if I've already visited you. I'm terrible about connecting names. lol 

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