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Guest Post--Who's Been Skrewd + giveaway

Morning ladies! We're featuring a fun little collection today. A bunch of authors writing their own versions of the same character...Ben Skrewd. lol Check out a little more about their collection below and enter to win an ipad mini too!  ~Anna

To purchase visit Red Door Reads and click on the different book covers! 

Red Door Reads is a fun and active group of multi-published authors, writing across the spectrum of Romance.  A group of us were gathered together last year, excited about the idea of doing a project together.  Novellas seemed a logical choice, but we were looking for something not related to a holiday, something that hadn’t been done before.  Something to do with a Red Door was an idea, but we also wanted something more universally relatable.  We were throwing around ideas when the always witty Susan Sey came up with the idea of a character named Ben Skrewd and the question: “Who’s Ben Skrewd?”

Well, we laughed.  And then we ran with it!  And we are now thrilled to present to you eleven novellas that cross the genres of Romance, each featuring a Red Door and a mysterious fellow named Ben Skrewd.

Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness by Deb Marlowe
A Half Moon House Series Novella
Hexed by Andris Bear
A Deadly Sins Novella
Dances with Demons by Lori Handeland
A Phoenix Chronicles Novella
Firebird by Linda Winstead Jones
A Columbyana Novella
In the Stars by Ava Stone
A Regency Encounter Novella
Her Muse, Lord Patrick by Jane Charles
A Muses Novella
Cross Springs In Bloom by Caren Crane
A Cross Springs Novella
The Earl’s Passionate Plot by Susan Gee Heino
Touch of Trouble by Susan Sey
A Blake Brothers Novella
Reagan’s Revenge by Tammy Falkner
A Reed Brothers Novella
Accidentally in Love by Claudia Dain
A More Courtesan Chronicles Novella

The interesting part for us as writers was seeing what everyone else would come up with, using only the name and the question.

The Ben Skrewd character in my own Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is a bit of prig.  A baronet with big feet and a bigger ego, and a bit of a superiority complex.

Lori Handeland said this about creating Ben Skrewd: I've been wanting to write a novella about two characters in my popular Phoenix Chronicle series.  In it Quinn Fitzpatrick-- bartender, demon-killer, gargoyle--has been in love with his boss, Megan Murphy, from the moment he saw her.  When he takes her home to Ireland for safe-keeping there were several characters I could have chosen for Ben Skrewd.  The cranky, Gremlin who helps them escape seemed like the best bet.

In Linda Winstead Jones’s Firebird: Ben Skrewd is a lonely farmer, a nice guy who makes the mistake of accepting a dinner invitation from the heroine, Rori. That simple dinner invitation might end up costing him everything.

Susan Sey says My Ben Skrewd is an officer of a law with a small anger management issue.  He’s not a bad guy, though, Officer Ben.  His intentions are purely honorable.  (Law and order!  Peace and justice!)  Unfortunately,  life just keeps messing with him.  And since he’s…ahem…been screwed, he feels entitled to act out a little.  Which lands him—and my hero and heroine, of course—in a little touch of trouble.  And not the kind of trouble a guy traditionally enjoys.

And that’s just a few Bens!  Coming up with all of these different versions of him gave us a great idea for a fun game.  To play “Where’s Ben?” you just visit the webpage of each novella author.  Somewhere you’ll find a hidden figure of Ben Skrewd.  To enter, you just tell us where you found Ben on each site.  Directions can be found at   The contest lasts a week and the winner will receive an iPad Mini!

We hope you’ll want to meet all the incarnations of Ben Skrewd, and that you’ll enjoy each trip through the Red Door!

The ladies have a fab giveaway of an iPad Mini going on until 4/22.
Just visit this SITE and follow directions :) 
Happy Hunting!

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