Monday, April 14, 2014

Quote-tastic (50)-- the size of your...gun.

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I read Marine for Hire earlier this year and really enjoyed it. The hero was doing an undercover gig as the heroine's nanny for her twin boys and there's a bit of, erm, sexual tension going on between them.

At last, she settled into her seat, folded her napkin in her lap, and picked up her wineglass. They were seated at opposite ends of the table, their plates brimming with food, their minds brimming with lust.

Or maybe that's just me, she thought, taking a sip of wine.

Across the table, Sam lifted his glass.

"So," he began." Are you trying to drive me insane, or do you genuinely want me to throw you across this table and fuck you 'til neither of us can stand?"


As Sam whacked Sheri on the back, trying to get her to stop choking on her wine, it occurred to him he needed to work on his communication skills.

"Sorry," he said, giving her one more solid thump as she blinked up at him through teary eyes. "I probably could have broached the subject better."

You think?" she gasped.

"Just trying to get a handle on the elephant in the room." She coughed again and gave him an incredulous look. 

"By shooting it with a grenade launcher instead of a tranquilizer dart?"

He grinned as he handed her back into her chair and returned to his seat a safe distance away. He shrugged and picked up his fork. "Why you a big gun when a bigger one will do?"

"I really don't think we should be talking about the size of your gun," she said, stabbing into her salad with more force than necessary.
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