Monday, April 28, 2014

Quote-tastic (52)--Meme Jack by Gena Showalter + giveaway!

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Woot! So we've got a meme-jack this week! Gena Showalter is stopping by today with some of her favorite quotes from her upcoming release Burning Dawn and a little bit on why they're her favorites. It's out on May 2nd. I'm totally smitten with the series :) Check out 3 of her favorite quotes and leave her some nice comment love! We've got a giveaway today too so check that out if you're interested. Aaaaannnnd with that....take it away Gena!

Gena: I just love Elin’s humor and ease with who she is.  Thane—who she is speaking to here—has never met anyone like her.  She charms him, and in turn, charms me.
“You need to look away. Things are about to get weird.” Waiting for him to reply would have taken too long. Elin attacked the food, a total savage, until there was nothing left.  Blimey. She moaned with keen satisfaction as she rubbed her belly. “Me and my new food baby thank you from the bottom of our cholesterol-filled hearts.” 
Gena: Thane is used to receiving total obedience from those around him.  When he doesn’t get it from Elin, a woman he wants to protect—another first for him—he is utterly at a loss.  I love seeing bad-A alpha men at a loss. 
“This isn’t a debate.” Thane never debated. He ordered. And expected. Using the muscles in his back, he shook the end of a wing ever closer to her. “Feel it.” A command. 
Gena: Elin, fighting her needs, thinking she can stop with just a kiss.  I still smile (and shiver!) when I recall what Thane does to her after this… 
“I will go to first base with you so hard.”

So, what's YOUR favorite quote this week?

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