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A to Z--Where Would I Go? Well....

Herding Cats vs The A to Z Challenge!
This is my third year joining in on blogging the Alphabet in April!

2014 Theme: "Gasp, Sigh, Gigglesnort w/ a side of Yum"

W: Where Would I Go? (sigh)

 I thought today I'd share some of the places I'd love to visit. Either for the first time or again some day. 

I love Paris. I spent a summer in High School there attending classes and totally fell in love with so many aspects of it. Seeing the big sites but also the tucked away every day cafes and such.

It's also where I got my tongue pierced much to my mother's dismay. Yep. I got full name treatment from across the sea over that one. I, of course, happened to be only 17 at the time. Yeah. The moms was not pleased. lol I'd love to go back some day.

 Italy. All over it. It's one of my favorite places in the world. Especially at Christmas time. Last time I went was, gosh, 6 years ago? for a friends wedding and spent two weeks exploring the country from the huge attractions and hot spots to tiny little villages where one of our friend's mothers grew up and another where one had been adopted from nearly 4 decades ago. It was such an experience.

My favorite though is Capri. I've been 3 times now. I don't know what it is about Capri but I just adore it. Everything about it and feel kinda like I'm home there which is weird but there ya go. Last time we spent a night in Sorrento before taking the ferry to Capri and I could about swoon. It was Christmas and they went all out. It had such a magical feel to it. One day I'd love to spend an entire Christmas season there.

Glass Beach, California.
This is just too neat to me. Early in the 1900s people just threw their trash out in this area and over the decades after clean up efforts were put in place it's habitable again and has a neat quirk of tons of sea glass from all of the broken glass and pottery from those years it was used as a dumping grounds. 

I love looking for sea glass and would LOVE to spend some time there. You aren't supposed to take glass from this beach--it's a protected area--but there are apparently beaches near by where you can hunt for and keep the bits you find.

Igloo Village in Finland

See the Northern Lights, cozy little glass igloos and cabins. Yep. I want to go here. Bad!

Seriously. What book lover *doesn't* want to visit The Strand in NYC?
Just to say you've been!

Ireland and Scotland. Just can't do one without the other.
The accents. The views. Castles (I want a castle. Bad.) 
Cute animals and never know maybe a pretty in a kilt.

And a couple...if onlys. None really exist--photo shop creations, fictional towns and plans that never came through--but if they did...I'd be ALL over them.

So. What about you? 
If you could go anywhere in the world where would you head?
Feel free to leave pictures in the comments!

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