Tuesday, April 8, 2014

AtoZ & Tuesday Jams--Guilty Pleasures & Gigglesnort

Herding Cats vs The A to Z Challenge!
This is my third year joining in on blogging the Alphabet in April!

2014 Theme: "Gasp, Sigh, Gigglesnort w/ a side of Yum"

G: Guilty Pleasures (gigglesnort)

Sooo. My friend Sharonda over at Salacious Reads does this Meme-- Tuesday Jams-- where you share a song or band or what-have-you that's been on your LOVE list lately.
If you want to join in check out her blog!

I'm a bit eclectic with my listens. Just like I am with pretty much everything else.

Okay so my G post is a total Guilty Pleasure. I love Lil Wayne.
I'm...not even gonna try to explain it or anything. I just do. lol

Okay so this one totally makes me gigglesnort. Call me Mr Flintstone. I can make your bedrock. 
I mean. Come on. I about died laughing the first time I heard that. 

Who's your Guilty Pleasure singer/band?

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A to Z-ers PLEASE leave your blog links!
Even if I've already visited you. I'm terrible about connecting names. lol

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