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Interview w/ Eden Butler--chocolate, man candies and naughty whispers from sexy heroes...

Mollie Malone's mom skipped out on her. Her biker dad, always loose and easy with the law, still was able to make her feel loved, and to keep her safe. But thirteen years ago, when his luck finally ran out and he landed in prison, Mollie found herself a new family - a group of friends in the sleepy little college town of Cavanagh, Tennessee, where now they all attend the local university. These girls know about the rotten roots of her family tree but accept her anyway, and the bond between them is so strong and supportive that Mollie is finally able to see past graduation to a future that is bright and secure.

But sometimes the past doesn't stay buried.

Suddenly, inexplicably, there's a shadow behind every step Mollie takes. Someone is lurking in that shadow, threatening not only Mollie, but also the new family she has claimed for herself.

And it isn’t just the past that has Mollie’s life in upheaval. Hunky former Marine Vaughn Winchester - who Mollie really would like to get to know much better - thinks Mollie is just a kid; he's made it clear she wouldn't ever be able to understand the demons haunting him. But if that's what he believes, then why does he keep sticking his nose in her business? And if he thinks she’s such a kid, why does he keep trying to kiss her?

Vaughn’s mind games are frustrating, especially since Mollie knows enough about secrets to be convinced that there's something he isn’t telling her, something he's so far been able to keep hidden. But when that secret is revealed, Mollie is forced into a situation that tests her loyalty and threatens even her closest friendships - just when the shadow of her past returns, and she's going to need them the most.

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Mornin' Eden! *squee* Welcome to herding cats! So glad to have you here. I decided to do some baking this morning so come on back to the kitchen and we'll chat your new release over cookies and muffins (I'm totally partial to the Nutella stuffed cookies)!

Alright So, if you had 10 seconds to hook someone what would you tell them about Finding Serenity?
HMM... hook? Marine meets biker's daughter and then... 'splosins 
And smooching. Every read about an alpha and a stubborn woman colliding? No? Well that's what you'll get in Finding Serenity 
Also? This time, the woman is the aggressor.  
Also, thanks for having me. 
OOo she's the aggressor! That sounds fun! Can you tell us 3 fun/sexy behind the scenes facts about Molly and Vaughn (and omg I love that name *goes into a girly swoon*)? 
  • Three secrets? Vaughn's radar was on Mollie way before the start of the novel.
  • Mollie is a strong, independent chica but deep down she wants someone (Vaughn) to take control. At least in the bedroom. 
  • Last secret: Vaughn is the first boy type person Mollie's ever said the big L to.
Aws that's so sweet! Now, I'm a total quote-whore. Not even gonna lie. I love quotes... What was your favorite quote that had you gigglesnorting or sighing in girly bliss?
The quote is simple, demanding and had my girl parts tingling:
 "Open up for me, Mollie" 
Heh. Oh yeah that works for me too! What's at the top of your "favorite things" about Vaughn that just make you all mushy squealy fan girl over him? What about Molly?
Favorite things about Vaughn: He's a real, honest to God hero who thinks he isn't. He's humble. 
Mollie? She doesn't wait for things to happen. She goes after whatever she wants and that includes men. She's definitely not shy about what she wants.
Oh she's so my type of lady and gah I'm already smitten over Vaughn! Okay how about some quickies??

Favorite Man Candy? 
 The one, the only Mr. The Rock Johnson. We have a very real, forever kind of love. 

Favorite office supply?
 Sharpie pens. I have eleventy billion.
Strangest thing you've Google searched in the name of research?
 LOL so random but Irish slang "euphemisms for penis" that was interesting. *omg that is awesome!*
I'm completely freaked out by?
I'm completely freaked out by frogs. Seriously they freak me out beyond on the telling. :shudders:
Best food ever?
Oh, honey, I'm from Louisiana. Everything here is delicious but I am a little addicted to dark chocolate.
LOL I feel that way about ALL chocolate. Yum! So, what's up next for ya?
What's up next is a standalone novel that I have been writing obsessively for a few months. It's about first love, dangerous love and the consequences of lies. And FYI: my hero looks an awful lot like the aforementioned man candy.
Oh that sounds like it'll be an interesting one! Can't wait! Thanks so much for stopping by Eden!!
Thanks for having me! It was fun. Y'all be sure to stop by my Facebook page!
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