Thursday, April 3, 2014

Facebook Followers! *waves* Come check out this post!

Hey yall! Just a quick note if you follow us on Facebook. I've heard from a few that follow that herding cats hasn't been showing on their feeds since this latest FB update. So just wanted to send out a reminder to please check out the page real quick and make sure your settings are current so you'll see us :)

You can also set the page to get notifications when we post. So you'll get a little ding in your notifications feed. If you have a special interests list you can add us there too! If you don't use those it's great. I've got all the pages I want to make sure I see added to a specific list and then when I click that list I can actually see all of their updates instead of the hit or miss it is with the general FB feed. 

I do post to Facebook multiple times a day so if you haven't seen me in a while Facebook is hiding me from yall. So check your notifications and that you're following the blog there. 

It doesn't always work but if you're interacting with the page--liking things, sharing status updates or photos or leaving comments--that can sometimes help with keeping us in your feed too. 

If you haven't liked us on Facebook yet come on over!

I post funny pictures, man candies, post free & 99cent book deals and all kinds of other random goodness :)

You can find us HERE!

For yall that hang out with us there rock! I have such a good time visiting with yall over there.
Always brightens my day to see yall :)

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