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Wicked Games by Angela Knight

So. Wicked Games interesting anthology featuring 3 novellas/short stories from Angela Knight. She's a fairly new to me author--I've read her in a couple anthologies--but this was not really what I was expecting.

I enjoyed it to an extent. Knight easily had me wrapped up and intrigued by some pretty unique storylines. I loved the premises between each of the stories. My issue came in--and this is why I'd very, very cautiously recommend this one to only a select few--was that each of the stories has some elements of non-consent where the sexual relationship is concerned. Either very nearly walking the line of rape or in one of the novellas flat crossing it. There's also anal play in each--used as a punishment/humiliation and pain inflicted upon the heroines for the heroes pleasure/revenge. Yall know I enjoy my extreme reads but this one gave me pause in a couple spots especially where consent was involved.
The Once and Future Lover (Mageverse Novella)
4 stars 4 flames

The Once and Future Lover was my favorite of the anthology and a new release in the Mageverse series. It's how things started up it seems with King Arthur, Gwen and their group being tested and granted powers as immortals. It was easy to jump into and fun to get a new feel for King Arthur and his court. The set up was nicely done and interesting. There's magic and danger, moral dilemmas and some very hot and edgy sex. Love and forgiveness and betrayals. It was just an interesting read and I really grew to love the core group of characters quickly and want to know more about them.

This one is HOT. Arthur may have a thing for asses and he's not shy about it. Some parts do push boundaries and there's an unfortunate incident between Gwen and one of the Knights when they're first getting their powers and it again pushed some boundaries for me where fidelity is concerned but was one that in the end I thought was handled well.
"I think you need more lubricant," he told her, a note of dark anticipation in his voice. "I'm going to want to fuck you deep and fast, and I want a slick ride."

"You just like cramming that club of yours up my backside."

He laughed. "You do know me well."
For those that love the series I think it would be enjoyable seeing the early years and for those new to the series it was a nice taste and explanation of what's to come. It definitely peaked my curiosity and will have me picking up the rest of the series at some point.

Bondage, Beauty and the Beast (short story, re-release)
2.5 stars 4 flames 
I'm...not quite sure what to say about Bondage, Beauty and the Beast. It was...shocking? It's kind of Beauty and the Beast meet bondage and slavery. Yeah. The heroine is sold by her ass of a stepson to the be his slave. He's been cursed by a witch and wants a woman of his own and is determined to have her submission--in order to break the curse.

It definitely brings the heat but really edges that consent line (yes, yes, I know she was a sex slave more or less but even still some consent could be incorporated in that in a way). But then it flat out flew past that consent line when <highlight for spoiler>things go down with the witch who cursed him coming back into the picture and the hero and two other men gang rape the witch as her punishment--something that turns on the heroine </spoiler> Yeah. I just. Well, wasn't expecting that. *slow blink* There's also a total squick you out moment where he goes from anal with one woman to vaginal with another without cleaning up and yeah...gross a girl out why don't ya. This story while it moves quick and is technically well written isn't going to be for everyone and wasn't so much for me.

The pro of this one...enchanted sex toys. Interesting. Nipple clamps that nibble, dildos that thrust and squirm on their own and the like. Very, very...interesting and my favorite part of Bondage, Beauty and the Beast.

A Question of Pleasure (short story, re-release)
3.5 stars  4 heat
A Question of Pleasure had an amazing set up. Rose and Alan have been together for a clip. He's a Union officer and it turns out our Rose is a Confederate spy that's gotten close to him to steal war secrets. Gah! I mean. Excellent set up!

And a decent read too! With betrayals uncovered and Alan doing what he must to reveal who Rose works for to protect his side. His weapon of choice. Sexual torture. Yep. He's gonna sex the info out of her. And not...gently. This one treads the sado/masochist line and once again those of consent. In this case drugging the heroine at one point to crave cock--no matter who it belonged to and having a menage. Eh. Not my favorite story device but overall I did enjoy these two and that Rose was strong and refused to give him the information he wanted no matter what she had to go through. That they'd known and cared for one another brought in a unique layer for them since yes they were on opposing sides of both the war and their bout of sexual torture but underneath it loved one another and were hurting from having to betray or being betrayed.

So. Overall. An okay read but one that pushed some boundaries into what was acceptable. It also provided lots of creative wording for dangly and girly bits which I found endlessly entertaining.

Have you read Knight? 
Was it more mainstream or along these lines?
What was the last read that shocked you? Either in a good or bad way?

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