Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Monthly Herd: April Recap!

Holy. Cow. I cannot believe April is already over. What a busy month! The A to Z challenge among all the other stuff sure made for an interesting couple weeks. lol I hope yall enjoyed the challenge and had a good time too! Congrats to all the other A to Z-ers that survived!

May is going to be super busy for me. On top of blog stuff and the Military event we're hosting later this month I've got a crazy personal life. A friend's wedding, construction at the house and moving a business after 5 years in one spot. I'm going to keep up with bloggery stuff as much as possible but return visits and replies might be delayed some days. I'll still be around just way crazy busy. Hope yall will stick around and bear with me for a few weeks. June will bring things back to normal and I'll be around all the time again :)

Alright. And...on to the April recap!

I posted my second Must Read! list :) This time is was for all those paranormal romances I think everyone should check out. If you missed list is here! Come on by and tell me what your must read paras are!

The second edition of Tag--the cat herder went up too!
Come check out the funky things people tagged me in in April!

April is going to bring a new feature! Rock the Blog! 
This is going to be a little random but the idea behind it is to do kind of tutorials on different bloggery stuff with a focus on blogger blogs (though some will be do-able on wordpress I'm sure).

If there are things you'd be interested in seeing featured shoot me a note at

Our Military Event will be kicking off too! FB party, spotlights on different support groups and a silent auction as well to benefit the USO.

Authors! Emails will be going out to those of you who signed up in the next couple of days!

If you'd like to donate to the event just shoot me a note to

Our next blog hop is coming up too! 
Bloggers/Authors there's still time to SIGN UP!

If you'd like to donate to the grand prize let me know. We're doing an Amazon gift card.

A little light review wise compared to normal but with so many other things happening this month decided to take it a bit easy :)

Midnight Pursuits by Elle Kennedy

Primal Bonds by Jennifer Ashley

Wicked Games by Angela Knight

Hold Me Together by Felice Fox

Dash of Peril by Lori Foster

Cole's Redemption by JD Tyler

The Winter Bride by Anne Gracie

Feel the Rush by Kelsie Levrich

The Countess Confessions by Jillian Hunter

Locked by Maya Cross

Secrets of Seduction by Nicole Jordan

Guest Post w/ Sue Ellen Welfonder--5 reasons to love a Highland Warrior

Interview w/ Paula Quinn
Interview w/ Felice Fox
Interview w/ Theresa Rizzo
Interview w/ Eden Butler
Interview w/ Jess Michaels
Interview w/ Tawdra Kandle
Interview w/ Catherine Mann
Interview w/ Nina Mason

Tasty Delights!




Tuesday Jams


Cat Thursday!


AAAannnnnd The A to Z challenge!

Alright! So...that was April. Whew. Quite a month. It was a blast but I'm glad to be moving on to May.

Hope yall had an awesome month!

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