Saturday, November 1, 2014

Blog Ahead Challenge (Nov 1st-30th)-- Goals & Progress

Woots! Blog Ahead is officially here!

The basic gist is it's a bloggers version of NaNoWriMo and in Nov 70+ bloggers are blogging ahead with the goal of increasing their "Scheduled" posts by 30+ by the end of the month.

For more info & to sign up go HERE.

My stats & progress!

I'll be keeping track on this page throughout marking things as done.
It'll be posted to the side bar. Yall are welcome to come by any time and chat :)
Starting Point
I have 61 scheduled posts as of Nov 1

Ending Goal
122+ total posts on Nov 30
I'd like to double my current numbers if possible.

Okay I know I've probably LOST MY MIND making this goal so high but if I can pull it off it'll make my blogging life hella easier to handle in Dec and early 2015. I've got my fingers in a lot of things blogging-wise at this point and to keep it all running fairly smoothly really need to get things scheduled and ready to go so I can keep on keeping on :)

I'll be working on...
  • Dec Author event (31 guest posts/interviews/giveaways)
  • the April A to Z challenge posts  (26 total plus announcement--I finally figured out my theme!)
  • a backlog of reviews (12) 
  • discussion/feature posts (6+ Must Reads lists, tag the cat herder, randomly random, blogger to author & rock the blog posts) 
  • memes (quote-tastic, cat thursday & a tuesday jam). 
  • Plus blog hop announcements, and challenge announcement for what I'm hosting in 2015 and a couple maintenance posts.
  • Cooking posts (4 plus). 
It's totally gonna kick my ass I know but hopefully I can pull that all off. Then sleep for a solid week. lol

Week One Posts
(17/61 finished)

Dec Author event posts (1 finished, 6 done but waiting author info, 24 to go)
A to Z (1 finished, 26 to go)
Herd Features (3 finished)
Dec Reviews (2 finished)
Jan Reviews (1 finished)
Blog Maintenance/Announcements (3 finished)

additional posts for Nov--10 (1 recap, 1 interview, 2 features, 1 guest post, 2 review, 3 sign ups)
plus--2 herding authors post

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