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The Mistress Experiment (Mistress #1) by Elizabeth Otto

“A gentleman would get to know you patiently, intimately, before demanding anything of your body. Tonight,I’m not going to be a gentleman.”

For wealthy British surgeon Isaac Kimball, being the good guy comes naturally. Caring for Chicago’s poorest fills his days and keeps his other side—the dark one that craves sensuality and control—at bay. When Isaac is prevented from saving a charity he loves, an acquaintance offers him a proposition: transform a woman from the streets into a sophisticated mistress who can pass in London high society, in exchange for the charity’s salvation. A ridiculous suggestion until he realizes he knows the perfect woman—one with an understated sexuality and sharp wit that continually tempt his control.

Mila DePardo counts the days until she can get off the streets and put her criminal past behind her. When Dr. Kimball offers her a ticket out of hell and into the glitter of London society, lying about her identity is easy. Until the chemistry between them starts to crack her no-sex rule, and the pleasure of Isaac’s touch changes everything she thought she wanted.

When the truth starts to unravel and Isaac’s own secrets come to play, Mila’s will and belief in herself is put to the test. She might win the mistress experiment, but can she survive him?

Type: Lite-Erotic Romance
Heat: 3 out of 5
Rating: 4 out of 5

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So I turned the last page of The Mistress Experiment... promptly mumbled a couple bad things in Otto's direction for making me cry at 230 in the morning and followed that with a may I have another, please!? Oh I had such a good time with this one!

The quick of it is that Isaac--who is a yummeh doctor-- has to return home to England for a family Gala and is in need of a "Mistress" in order to win a bet with his cousin. If he can fool everyone that a girl from the streets is a high class Mistress he'll score a huge donation to a charity he loves that's at risk. Yes. *slow nods* Men are stupid. But, Mila at least knows going in what's going on and she's in need of an escape from the struggles in her life and a deep personal need to keep that same charity running makes it impossible for her to turn down his offer. It of course doesn't hurt she's rather smitten with the man. She just needs to learn to be a proper Mistress to fool everyone at the Gala.

I loved Mila! It always makes me giddy when I find a heroine I adore and this lady...I adored. She's had a hard life. I mean. HARD. Nothing's been handed to her. She's made mistakes and paid for them dearly but she's trying to pull herself together and do what she thinks is right. There's a fighter in her that you can't help but admire.

And Isaac is a pretty fab hero as well even if he's a bit slow on the pick up and flubs things up right good for a while not realizing how much Mila means to him and says things like bloody fucking enough! Which just tickles me. He's a doctor and loves kids and animals and has a bit of dom in him he ruthlessly holds down. He's all gentleman and sexy as hell...especially when he forgets he's supposed to be all gentlemanly and lets all that pent up passion and dominance out. And lord help us all it is delicious!
"Before you challenge me to stop being a gentleman, Mila, you'd better be prepared for what will happen when I do."
Yes this one is steamy! These two have some scorching chemistry and can tear up the sheets no question. If they even make it that far. This is definitely one that'll have you panting a little and fanning yourself. Whew boy! Nothing too crazy but, yeah, the man has some moves and Mila matches him at every, erm, thrust?

It was interesting seeing Mila go from the streets to having anything and everything at her fingertips. Her battles with that, the grace she showed despite her nerves, the realization that money doesn't fix everything and make life magically perfect. It was hard seeing her deal with it sometimes. Just like watching Isaac deal with family struggles and pressures he was under due to their status.

All in all, The Mistress Experiment captured my attention from the first page and took me on such a ride as these two tried to figure out their roles as Mistress and Protector and not fall for each other in the process. The struggle of straddling that line between cool and aloof arrangement and starting to care for each other and emotions getting involved was fascinating, frustrating and in the end totally worth every second of the battle as love won out and the two found their happily ever after where they least expected it.

Have you read Otto? Have a favorite?
Do you have a favorite "fake relationship" romance?
Or one revolving around Mistresses?

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