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When We Met Anthology w/ Jackson, McAdams, King & Lee

Two of my new favorite authors this year are Christina Lee and Tiffany King. These ladies completely won me over to New Adult so I was ALL over When We Met. And it was a pretty entertaining anthology as four authors tackle a group of college roommates and each tell one of their tales. Overall, it was a nice antho. I enjoyed the set up and most of the characters. It was a little angsty now and again but not too bad. Each of the romances was unique, and the love stories sweet. A little humor, a little steam. Yeah, not a bad couple hours reading.

A little about each is below...
When four girls decide to live off campus together as juniors at a college in Michigan, they expect it to be their best year yet. Little do they know, it’s a year that will change the rest of their lives.

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Heat: 3 out of 5, Rating: 3 out of 5
The Quick of it: Misha's ex was a complete douche and just using her to win a bet which left her pretty broken and unwilling to let men close again until her edgy, sexy neighbor proves irresistible and just the one to mend her broken trust..

This was just an okay read for me. While I liked the set up I never really felt connected to the story or the characters. It was a nice enough diversion but nothing that will stick with me and didn't make me want to read more from the author right this second. One day maybe but no huge rush. I liked the characters together and the hero was pretty sexy but the heroine just didn't quite work for me. While she was okay she just wasn't as strong as I'd hoped. Yes, she'd been devastated and I totally got her insecurities and pain I wanted her to have a stiffer spine and fight back against those trying to break her down. Instead she'd fall into tears, panic and in the end it took the hero rescuing her to bring her confidence back. The romance was okay as well though big chunks were skipped over--like all the times they hung out and were falling in love. It was all the sudden just...there and they were. I would have liked more of the every day moments.

Final Verdict: An okay read but nothing squee worthy or that will stick with me. Interesting set up, sexy hero but a pretty weak heroine.
Heat: 2.5 out of 5, Rating 3.5 out of 5
The Quick of it: Life has been beating the tar out of Indy. Cheating boyfriends, loss, abandonment and trouble at home have all piled on her and she just needs an escape. Even if it's self destructive and found in a bottle but a quiet neighbor is there for her keeping her safe week after week even if she never remembers who he is the next morning.

I liked these two. It was an interesting set up with Indy forgetting or blocking out certain things she did while coping with things. I wasn't quite sure going in but you know I ended up having a good time with it and really loved how much growth the characters went through. Indy was hard to relate to early on for me since her actions...just weren't my kind of thing but as she took stock and made changes she really became solid and one I liked. And Kier. This boy is something else. Quiet, sweet, cares for Indy and is reliable and one you can feel safe with. He also had a pretty big secret that changed his life forever and that haunts him. I really enjoyed watching them fall in love and how their personalities meshed. There was a lot of heart touching stuff happening.

The ending was a little rough for me though. There was a nice pacing throughout then all the sudden things went turbo speed with a huge reveal on Kier's part, huge relationship changes and then...HEA! It was too quick for me and didn't give me enough time to come to terms with everything before it ended. It wasn't awful but really another chapter I think would have made the world of difference.

Final Verdict: I'll definitely be reading more from McAdams. Great character growth and romance even if a bit too speedy there at the end which left me wanting more from it.
Heat: 3 out of 5, Rating: 4 out of 5
The Quick of it: Years ago Courtney and Dalton were best friends but then life got in the way, he got into basketball and the two fell out which always hurt Courtney since he picked sports over her. And now the two are at the same university and the boy is totally enraptured with her and determined to get a second chance.

I am just loving King's writing. She has such great characters and fun romances. And these two were a trip. I love a bit of snark and antagonism between characters and oh Courtney was definitely feeling that when things first kick off. She was so not impressed with the basketball star and made the man work for it which was so fun to watch especially seeing how Dalton usually had women dropping to his feet. But he won her over...and me too with some creative maneuvering, some flirty witty text messages being flung back and forth and some hot and steamy once they moved on from the past which happened pretty quickly but worked well enough since they had a history together. The chemistry was fabulous and came with a little bit of heat and humor.

I just have to include this because I thought it was kinda funny. This is a text between them when they're first starting to talk...
Aren't you going to be tired from your trip? Her last-ditch attempt was cute, but I wasn't budging.
Nope, I'll be all rested up.
R U always such an eager beaver when U go out with someone?
Normally I don't have to work so hard.
Great, so I'm like some conquest for sporty-boy who normally gets everything he wants just by smiling
Well, my smile is pretty amazing.
Oh Lord. I think I'm coming down with a stomach bug.
Look, you're not a conquest.
Then what am I?
A refreshing change.
I may have just sprained my eyes from rolling them.
You're still going. I'll be there by three.
Final Verdict: Delightfully fun romance that left me smiling as childhood friends found romance after years apart and a not so fun good-bye. I would have loved seeing a longer story with these two but what was there was fun, flirty and sexy to boot. Not too bad a combo.
Heat: 3 out of 5, Rating: 4 out of 5

In order to ace her fashion internship, Chloe must team up with local college dropout and set builder, Blake—much to her chagrin. But after some "hands-on" experience, Chloe will have to ask herself if Blake factors into her carefully laid plans…
The Quick of it: Chloe and Blake...have some bad blood happening and just barely tolerate each other since an afternoon encounter left them both with certain impressions and a distaste for each other. Alas staying away from each other just isn't possible as they're forced to spend endless hours working on revamping a store together and all those impressions are shattered one by one.

And it was a good time. Chloe and Blake really don't know each other so things were...tense and uncomfortable there at the get go as they start plans and construction of the shop they're working on. But these two thankfully quickly realize that maybe their original impressions really weren't all that true and there was more to the person standing in front of them than they originally thought. It was a fun ride watching them to figure it out as well. And I'll admit. I had some impressions that needed shattering as well. I wasn't feeling Chloe at first. She's a fashionista and I just wasn't relating but there was more to her and watching them work together and playing rounds of truth or dare quickly won me over to them both as they introduced each other to the things they loved--theater performances, classic old movies, live bands, etc. They're both open and honest which was refreshing and the sexual tension was lovely and played out nicely.

There was a secondary storyline for each as they dealt with family issues as well. I would have liked a little more with this part which is why it didn't get a perfect score. While they were both given "endings" for their problems I still wanted just a touch more since it was such a big thing in each of their lives.

Final Verdict: Lee continues to shine. I would have loved a little more when it came to their family lives but the romance was rocking, the characters perfect for each other and their journey with each other both healing and fun. Excellent!

Have you read any of these ladies? Have a favorite? 

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