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Review/Quote-tastic-- you-- Edge of Betrayal by Shannon K. Butcher

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 A new to me author for today's Quote-tastic pick! Woots! Shannon K Butcher (she's married to Jim). I've wanted to read her for ages and finally got the chance and total love. These two--Mira and Adam--are kind of at odds in Edge of Betrayal. He did her way dirty in a previous book and she's not forgiven him totally but he's fallen for her and it's pretty close to mutual. This little scene so fit Adam and his thoughts. He's an interesting hero for sure.

"Why are you telling me this?" she asked.

"So you'll know I'm capable of honesty. I understand it won't change what I did to you, but it might change how you see me in the future."

"Why do you care?"

He opened his mouth, but there were too many thoughts for any one of them to come out. They all clumped together in a confusing mass that silenced him.

"Adam?" she asked again, her voice quieter now. "Do you care how Bella sees you?"

"No, so long as she knows I'm capable of doing my job."


"No, so long as he knows I will kill him if he hurts you."

"Uh. Okay. Not exactly what I expected, but I can run with that." She covered the back of his hand with hers. "If you don't care much about how they see you, then why do you care what I think about you?"

The answer was so obvious, he didn't understand why she even had to ask. "Because you're important."

"So are the others."

He couldn't keep his hands to himself any longer, so he pulled her rolling chair closer, until she was perched between his widely spread knees. His fingers settled lightly on her cheek. So warm and soft. "Not like you."
And just because I love a hero that can kiss... 
This kiss Adam gave Mira was not like the others. It was fierce, determined. It shimmered with purpose. His lips moved over hers, hot and soft, with the slightest edge of demand. He kissed like he was on a mission laying siege, conquering territory.

Mira was cheering for him to be victorious.

Edge of Betrayal (Edge #4) by Shannon K. Butcher
Heat 3 out of 5, Rating 4 out of 5

Well hellllooo there Shannon K Butcher! Where the hell have you been all my rom-suspense loving life? Damn! Edge of Betrayal definitely has me excited about rom-suspense again in a big way. Evil bad guys, surprise twists and turns, fab characters I wanted to spend more time with, betrayals, love, lust. Yeah. It pretty much had it all in one delicious little rom-suspense package. 

Alright so I jumped in at book 4. And it went okay. There's already a good bit of background storyline happening but it wasn't too hard to figure it out. Basically Mira's father was an evil scientist who mentally and physically experimented on children and others to gain power. She and Adam work with a group to track down all of his victims and get them help. The prob is a bit back Adam kinda sorta betrayed her and handed her over to her father in order to get info he desperately needed. So there's a spot of bad blood between Adam and Mira when things kick off. He's since turned "good guy" and is fighting on her side but she's sure it's all an act and she's going to nail his ass the second she figures out what his game is. Whew! Oh and now their boss?...making the two work together as partners on a case. Gah! Oh the pissed off heroine that caused! lol

Yeah. These two had a LONG way to go before figuring things out. ::snort:: And it was a pretty fun ride actually. They were great characters with some nice chemistry between them. It's slow going since...lotta hate happening there at the start on her part but he wore her down and dang it's good. Heart warming and sexy and make a girl sigh good. 

 Adam especially snagged my heart despite his former bad guy status. He really was a great guy. He was one of the original victims created for the purpose of being an experiment and raised without anyone caring for him or what happened to him other than what they could cause him to do. He's very logical and has a slight robotic quality in that he does what he does for survival not pleasure. Food is fuel kind of thing. He's wicked skilled and smart and there's caring in him even if it's not always right at the surface. He also struggles with himself and doesn't think he's worth anything to anyone. And damn that just about broke me seeing how he thought of himself and his worth. Gah but I really loved this guy and wanted to squeeze him something fierce.

And Mira was pretty great too. If a little much to handle with her anger and lack of trust. She's not totally badass--she's a computer jockey--and dealing with her first time in the field so she flubs up, does some stupid things and has to pull her act together. It was just as interesting watching her realize that Adam wasn't all bad. And that she kinda had a thing for him even if that ticked her off a bit too.  There were a couple times I wanted to shake her about a bit for being so quick to jump down Adam's throat and call him a traitor after they got together but overall I liked her.

There was a good dose of action as they worked together to get certain people help that needed it, fought against betrayals inside their ranks and bad guys out to do them harm. My mouth dropped open a couple times from things I didn't quite see coming and, yeah, I might have yelled at my book a few times too because OMG YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS?!! ::snort:: Yeah. There were some people in this book that I wanted to give the stink eye to in the worst way! But that also made it fun, exhilarating and an entertaining ride in the end. I'll definitely be going back to check out the first few books in the series. 

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