Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happiness Challenge--Day 26-31-- *hangs head* mighta gotten a wee bits behind there.

Ahhhh the month of happy is over! I can't believe it's November already. I had a pretty great time with the happiness challenge and hope it gave yall all a smile along the way.

In the end...I feel... pretty damn happy actually. Now the cardio? Whoever the devil made this challenge up was a total nutter on that part since yeah the cardio is not my happeh place. But the rest of it definitely upped my mood. From seeing all the awesome things in my life to the even more awesomer people. I'm really just glad I gave it a go. Thanks for joining me for the challenge and all the extra posts this month! I know it was a CRAZY number of posts. My catch up for this past few days is down there below since I got a wee bit behind :)

  • A Publix opening 2 miles from my house! It's one of the first here in NC and I went tonight (it opened Wed) and omg it was AMAZING!
  • Garbage day. I <3 my garbage men. They make me happy. I guess I'm weird but I always feel like Ahhhh fresh start for the week. And they come to me and I don't have to go to them. Nice.
  • That I can post completely insane things and yall don't run from the hills. Bwahaha
  • snuggly herd babes
  • Fresh clean water, soda, tea & fruit punch
  • Publix cake, subs, & ice cream. Really there's not much better than theirs
  • Surviving each day and in general being a pretty happy upbeat person (at least I think)
  • Awesome bags
  • Kick ass little room heaters that can take over for those household heaters (I think it was thankful for #18) that decide they aren't manly enough for 40 degree weather. Rock on little room heater. Rock on. I adore you keeping us all snuggly warm.
  • McDonalds breakfast. Don't. Judge. I love me some Egg McMuffins & Hashbrowns.
  • Friends that let me rant when I need to rant a bit & love me anyways
  • people who say thank you, please, hold doors open, reach for items someone can't get, pass on a smile and a how are you to strangers, surprise pay for meals, pick up dropped items or let people over in traffic.
  • finally finding bookish people in my area via Lady Janes & bookclub. It's nice knowing at least a couple times a month I'll be able to gush and not get looked at like I'm 'crazy book girl'. Heh
  • the days when my inbox goes 'single digits' and my blog feed says 'all read'. I fucking rock those days!
  • the courage to try something new!
  • getting another day to try again and do something awesome or just read a book if I please
  • Man Candy. Gah did I say Man Candy before?! If not. here it is. If so...can never have too much man candy to be thankful for. Yall...are...welcome. *nods* Heh
  • You :D
You know there've been a number of things. I have a lot of great people and herd babes in my life and around me that are kind and generous and make each day meaningful :) I might not be able to pinpoint an exact "moment" every day but each one really is special because of the people/critters I have around me.

So since I ran out of days and still had SO many people I started doing groups instead so two groups of people today.

First all of the blogs I visit every week

Those that are pretty new to me and those that have been around from the start. I pretty much adore all of you. If I come by it's cus I think you've got some awesome happening. Yall make things interesting for sure, torture my tbr pile and just bring a bit of happy to each day. So thank you for all the work you put into your blogs and being you!

And then to everyone who comes by here and visits on the blog and on our social media. 

You guys are amazing and seriously blow me away all the time. Got the best followers. I do, indeed. <3 Yall keep me going and make blogging so incredibly fun and are just the awesomest of the awesome. So thank you for coming around, for indulging me in my nutty ideas and all my inappropriateness, for leaving comments and messages and tagging me in things. Yall are the absolute best.

And some really damn amazing Authors. 

I've been blogging for nearly 3 years and can easily say that for the most part the authors I've met via the blog have been incredible. So many have generously donated items to the blog and events I've hosted, played along and been good spots with the interviews I do, have sent in some amazing guest posts and best of all gone along with my sometimes crazy reviews. I might not always be the most professional of bloggers. I do LOVES me the F-word. And I so appreciate yall that keep a sense of humor about my ways.

Seriously? Fuck this bit. This is the killer of all things happy.
Bastard who added this musta been a Sadist and my ass is no Masochist.

I really wasn't sure about this bit at first. But once I started using music and let myself go for focusing on books or lists it worked for me. Those things calm me so yup it was a go!

Did ya do a little happiness challenge? How'd it go?

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