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Review/Quote-tastic--Bros before hos... What a Woman Gets by Judi Fennell

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Okay! So today's pick is Judi Fennell's What a Woman Gets. This series is so fun! It's 3 brothers who lost a poker game to their baby sister and as payment they have to work for her cleaning service for a month as maids. And she's set them each up at a different household. This is kinda a half quote but omg it made me snort so hard. Liam is chatting with his brother about his assignment. His thought process sometimes just cracked me up.

"Well at least we don't have to worry about you with her."

Liam choked on the swallow. "Me with her?"

"Yeah, you know. Having a thing for her. I mean, you have to admit, the woman is hot."

Liam started to get hot. Sean shouldn't be noticing how hot Cassidy was---

Oh. Damn. Not cool. Not cool at all. Bros before hos. And she wasn't even his ho--

Heat: 3 out of 5-though takes a while     Rating: 4 out of 5

Flirty, fun and fabulous. I am seriously loving this series and the endearingly charming Manley family--three brothers who lost a poker bet to their baby sister and end up owing her a month of servitude at her cleaning company. Bwahaha. Yes these big strapping alpha males are gonna be rocking the maid look for a spell. And this go round it's Liam who's sent to tidy up after Socialite Cassidy. Someone who--because of a previous heartbreak he went through-- makes his teeth grind for her lifestyle alone. Ah yes. Some clashing is gonna happen for sure. *nods* Especially after Cassidy's father kicks her out without a penny to her name and Liam gives her a place to stay. 

These two were wonderful. Such an amazing heroine--and that's not something I say often--and a hero who earned my approval as things went along and made up for some punkish moments early on. 

I am hard on my heroines and they usually make me twitch. But Cassidy. This woman is steel. She hasn't always been the best of people but an experience changed her life and she's trying to be a better person. Trying to live the life she wants and needs instead of what's dictated to her by her family. And that is completely respectable to me. Her life is pretty awful when things kick off. Her father disowning her. Shoving her to the street with no funds, no clothes, nothing. Yet she doesn't fall apart. She so easily could have. But she takes the punches and rolls with them. Focuses and digs in to prove she can take care of herself. She's brave and strong and not the whiny manipulative type and I just adored her. I'd want to be her friend in real life no question.

And Liam. Well. Buddy was a bit of a jackhole for a while. He's had his trust and confidence shattered by a woman Cassidy reminds him of--Pampered, spoiled, rich. And lordy he judges Cassidy right from the start. Even when helping her he made me want to beat on him with how hard he was on her and how he refused to see her differences. But! He did come around. He really had to grow as a person as well and quit being a putz. And I did like him. It took him a while to get back in my good graces but he got there and I could enjoy his frustrating and sexy ass.

There's some life altering moments that change everything for these two and I loved seeing them both grow as people because of it. Cassidy finding herself and realizing how strong she was and Liam...well figuring out that he's not always right, that people aren't always what they seem and that he just just needed to get over himself and move past the hurts he'd been through. While there's a lot of tension and serious stuff they have to figure out there's also a lot of light hearted and fun and steamy to balance it out and keep their story upbeat and fun which I appreciated.

This is one of those series that just makes me happy. I love seeing the family together. Seeing the men fall in love when they least expect it and with someone they never would have thought. Seeing the humor mixed in with the break your heart make you ache real moments. They're just good for the heart and spirit and leave me smiling as I close the book. There's really not much more you can ask for as a reader...

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