Monday, November 3, 2014

Book Deals--FREE, 99CENTS, NEW RELEASES + how to help the herd!

Aaaaaand.....books! Some of this weeks New Releases plus some 99cent deals & freebies! Yall let me know what you pick up! It helps me figure out what to add to next weeks post :D Oh and please double check prices before you one-click. Sales can end any time. 

Also just wanted to put a reminder out there. Any time yall shop Amazon via one of the herd links you're actually helping the blog! Woots! It's no cost to you at all...just something Amazon offers associates. Basically any purchase through one of our links earns the blog a little credit :) 

And it can be...anything. Books, pet supplies, purple vibrators.... don't worry it's completely anonymous. lol (and yes the blog has sold like 6 vibrators and toys so far. ::snort:: I just loved that. Anywho. If you click through one of my links or use THIS LINK any purchases help keep the blog going and giveaways happening :) Yay! It's really greatly appreciated as well <3   ~Anna

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