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Quote-tastic/Review--ya wanna think again about this dress?!--Midnight Action (Killer Instincts #5) by Elle Kennedy

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Earlier this year I found Kennedy's Rom-Suspense series and omg it is fabulous yall. If you've got a thing for rom-sus it's definitely one to check out. Lots of action, killer characters--literally--and some nice heat to them too. I just loved the heroine landing that perfect blow to the hero....

"Would it really kill you to admit this dress is sexy?"

"Sexy, huh?" Looking thoughtful, he appraised her from head to toe. "Nah, it would have to be way shorter and cut much lower for that."

"Bullshit." she said again.

He just smirked.

"Fine. Well, how about this?" She raised herself up even higher on her Louboutins and brought her lips dangerously close to his ear. "Picture me wearing this dress--except I'm on my knees sucking your cock."

He stiffened.

"What do you think of the dress now?" she prompted. 

His nostrils flared, and she tried not to laugh at his lustful expression.

"That's what I thought," she said sweetly.

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Heat: 3 out of 5    Rating: 4 out of 5

Oh there is such a fine line between love and hate. And, you know, accepting a multi-million dollar hit on your sworn enemy--the man you once loved--and, I don't know, fucking him stupid until yall can't barely breathe or think straight. Ahhh such a dilemma! Thank goodness Noelle is willing to conquer this beast of a problem in Midnight Action! We so owe the girl. We really do. Because damn. It was a fabulous angry ride.

The quick of it is that Jim and Noelle have some nasty history that's brewed for near 20 year and pretty much...they want each other dead but can't seem to make it happen or much to their eternal frustrations deny the connection that simmers between them. But now a hits been placed on Jim and instead of carrying it out Noelle joins forces with him to figure out who is out to get him since she'll be damned if someone else is going to dictate how she takes him down.

Jim and Noelle are bad. Ass.They're both tough, at the top of their game, ruthless and more than a little on board with hurting each other. And I adored them and their blunt honesty about everything. They don't hold punches or take the easy route. They're fighters to their core and fascinating to watch.

These two. Lordy. There is serious fusion of sexual tension and hostility between Jim and Noelle. They can't be near each other more than a couple minutes before tearing into each other. Sometimes going for the jugular. Sometimes for the panties. Or, in one case, both at the same time. To say they were combustible would be an understatement. Whew boy!

There's not all that much sweet and flowery between them that's for sure. But all that hostility and anger didn't come off...wrong? If that makes sense. They were both pretty damn justified in their feelings towards each other--something that's slowly explained as the story goes along with scenes from when they met 19 years earlier--and even with all their anger there were still nice moments between them. Where you could see how much they really did care for the other peaking out under all those hostile emotions. There were some pretty funny moments, some scorching hot and on a rare occasion some pretty damn amazingly tender ones. They might have had to pound those rare moments out of each other but they were there. lol It was really just fun watching them push each others buttons.

The sex scenes. Whoa baby. They're hot. And hard. Raw and full fuck your brains out good. These two don't hold back at all and sweet and tender...doesn't happen too often. But it works for them. Hell yeah. It really does. 

The suspense rocks just as hard as the headboards as the two hunt down and are ambushed by Jim's enemies. As a life changing discovery turns Jim's world upside down and makes him fight even harder to protect his future and that of those he loves. It was intense and made my palms sweat a couple times. While there were a couple "convenient" happenings overall it was nicely done and entertaining. 

All in all, Kennedy is really proving herself a master when it comes to romantic suspense. Exciting and thrilling suspense mixed with sexy and deliciously complicated characters made for a damn good time and one that kept me on the edge of my seat and flipping pages as quickly as possible to see what would happen next. 

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