Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 Blogger Goals--Woohoo!

I like lists. I like em a lot. And with a new year comes a new list! Woots!
It really helped last year having my blogging goals list so I figured I'd do another one. Plus a few for my personal life, too. So. Here's what I'd like to work on in 2016. If you've got a goals post link it in the comments! Or just add what you're hoping to do this year :)

Blogging Bits

1. Finish indexing the blog

meh! my face is full of meh! damn not having done this from the start. lol I have 2015 in the bag (minus the last 2ish weeks). Now I need to tackle those early years.
  • Feb Update--I've got 2016 completed and started on the 2012s but not gotten too far on those.
  • Dec Update-- I'm making progress even if slow. The old posts. Goodness but they need editing! lol
2. Conquer the Review Pile
I would love for my review pile to ONLY have current and future releases on it (and be about a month ahead of time). So a multi part goal. 
Review everything I request in the month it's released  
Attempt all print titles I'm cold sent (I didn't talk to them first) for the month they release or pass them on to other bloggers. 
Whittle down the old inquiry pile-- I have a lot of print ones that were just random sent without my request
  • NetGalley--review all past titles (blogger shame challenge here I come!)--starting w/ 36 books, 83%
  1. 1/3 Sweet Ruin-- 83% (35 left) 
  2. 1/6 Wicked Lust --84% (34 left) 
  3. 1/7 Loud is How I Love You-- 84% (33 left) 
  4. 1/12 Wickedly Ever After-- 84% (34 left) 
  5. 1/15 Rebel Cowboy--84% (34 left) 
  6. 1/18 Passionately Yours-- 84% (33 left) 
  7. 1/18 Romancing the Running Back -- 85% (32 left) 
  8. 1/25 Mercury Striking--85% (32 left) 
  9. 2/1 Boiling Point-- 85% (31 left) 
  10. 2/1 The SEAL's Secret Lover--86% (30 left) 
  11. 2/4 How to Wrangle a Cowboy-- 86% (29 left) 
  12. 2/22 A Convenient Engagement-- 85% (33 left)
  13. 2/25 Asking for More-- 85% (32 left)
  14. 2/25 How to Handle a Scandal--86% (31 left)
  15. 2/29 Against the Wall-- 85% (32 left)
  16. 3/2 Sinner's Creed-- 86% (31 left)
  17. 3/8 Jackson's Trust-- 86% (32 left)
  18. 3/8 The SEAL's Rebel Librarian-- 86% (31 left)
  19. 3/9 Fire Touched-- 86% (30 left)
  20. 3/18 Hawke-- 85% (33 left)
  21. 3/24 One Texas Cowboy Too Many-- 85% (35 left)
  22. 3/27 Everything I Left Unsaid-- 85% (34 left)
  23. 3/28 Nobody But You--86% (33 left)
  24. 4/1 The SEAL's Second Chance-- 86% (33 left)
  25. 4/1 Take Me, Cowboy-- 86% (32 left)
  26. 4/2 Cuff Me-- 86% (32 left)
  27. 4/6 Rocky Mountain Wedding--86% (32 left)
  28. 4/7 A Reckless Desire-- 87% (31 left)
  29. 4/11 Must Love Cowboys-- 87% (30 left)
  30. 4/19 One Night Charmer-- 85% (36 left)
  31. 4/19 His Royal Princess-- 85% (35 left)
  32. 5/5 Outlaw Cowboy-- 84% (38 left)
  33. 5/9 Completing the Pass-- 84% (39 left)
  34. 5/9 The Duke of Olympia Meets His Match-- 85% (38 left)
  35. 5/9 The Seduction of Kinley Foster by Lisa Wells-- 85% (37 left)
  36. 5/10 Brave Enough--85% (37 left)
  37. 5/10 At Any Cost--85% (36 left)
  38. 5/16 The Perfect Fit--86% (35 left)
  39. 5/27 Risk of Exposure--85% (37 left)
  40. 5/27 Too Hot to Handle--86% (36 left)
  41. 5/27 Kill or Be Kilt--86% (35 left)
  42. 5/28 Beauty and the Highland Beast-- 86% (34 left)
  43. 6/2 Under the Surface--87%-- (34 left)
  44. 6/19 Hanging on by a Thread-- 86% (36 left)
  45. 6/19 To Love a Wolf-- 86% (35 left)
  46. 6/19 The Billionaire's Favorite Mistake-- 87% (34 left)
  47. 6/19 Heat It Up-- 87% (33 left) (32 left, removed an accidental book)
  48. 6/21 Downtown Devil 88% (31 left)
  49. 6/26 Addicted 88% (31 left)
  50. 6/28 Wanderlust 88% (30 left)
  51. 7/2 A Gift for Guile 88% (31 left)
  52. 7/9 If the Early Only Knew 88% (31 left)
  53. 7/13 A Dangerous Damsel 88% (30 left)
  54. 8/1 Worked Up 87% (34 left)
  55. 8/1 Ruined 88% (33 left)
  56. 8/1 Love Blooms on Main Street 88% (32 left)
  57. 8/2 Reckless in Texas 88% (31 left)
  58. 8/9 Burn Down the Night 88% (31 left)
  59. 8/15 All the little Liars 88% (31 left)
  60. 8/17 Trouble Walks In 89% (30 left)
  61. 8/17 The Earl's Return 89% (29 left)
  62. 8/17 Last Chance Rebel 89% (28 left)
  63. 8/20 A Duke to Remember 90% (28 left)
  64. 8/31 Hold Me, Cowboy 90% (28 left)
  65. 9/8 The Claiming 88% (32 left)
  66. 9/13 Claiming the Enemy 88% (34 left)
  67. 9/13 Rival Forces 88% (33 left)
  68. 9/13 Too Wild to Tame 88% (32 left)
  69. 9/14 A Cowboy Christmas Miracle 89% (31 left)
  70. 9/15 Billionaire on the Loose 89% (30 left)
  71. 9/15 Christmas Comes to Main Street 89% (29 left)
  72. 9/18 Locked and Loaded 90% (28 left)
  73. 9/22 Dare You to Run 90% (29 left)
  74. 9/22 Legal Wolf's Mate 90% (28 left)
  75. 10/2 True Blue Cowboy Christmas 89% (30 left)
  76. 10/24 The Heiress and the Hothead 88% (33 left)
  77. 11/15 Mistletoe Cottage 87% (37 left)
  78. 11/15 The Bachelor Auction 88% (36 left)
  79. 11/19 Christmas with an Angel 88% (36 left)
  80. 11/20 When a Laird finds a Lass 88% (35 left)
  81. 11/25 The Girl Who Knew Too Much 88% (35 left)
  82. 11/30 Hard Compromise 88% (34 left)
  83. 12/2 Explosive Forces 89% (33 left)
  84. 12/10 Hot Winter Nights 88% (34 left)
  85. 12/14 Wolf Unleashed 89% (33 left)
  86. 12/16 The Hero 89% (32 left)
  87. 12/16 Last Chance The Lawman 89% (31 left)
  88. 12/19 Blazing Hot Cowboy 90% (30 left)
  • Edelweiss--review all past titles or DNF em
  1. Love of the Game REVIEW
  2. The Debutante is Mine REVIEW
  3. Sweet Little Lies REVIEW
  4. Everything She Wanted
  5. When It's Right
  6. The Wedding Band
  7. Say Yes to the Marquess
  8. Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover
  9. Hard to Hold On To
  10. Good Girls Don't Date Rock Stars
  11. Vampire Most Wanted
  12. The Trouble with Mistletoe REVIEW
  13. This Earl is On Fire REVIEW
  14. The Perks of Loving a Scoundrel REVIEW
  15. Accidentally on Purpose REVIEW
  • FEB Update--I'm doing fairly well. I've upped my NG ratio, submitted one on Edelweiss, I've gotten almost all of my review requests done in their month and most of my cold requests though there are a few of those lurking.
  • Sept Update-- I'm hanging in there! Marking a lot off and keeping up with new additions. Woo!
  • Dec Update-- Made it to the 90% mark. Woohoo!
3. Blog Ahead

I plan on hosting two Blog Ahead events and really would like to up my scheduled posts a bit more.
  • FEB Update--Eh. I was doing okay then used a slew of posts while the herd was sick. So I'm working on building those back up. I'm in the low 40s for posts and prefer to be in the 60-80 pre-scheduled range.
  • Sept Update-- This has been a year long struggle. I'm sticking in the 20-30s and so need Oct Blog Ahead
  • Dec Update-- The Oct Blog Ahead got me going! I'm back into the 60s-70s for scheduled posts and holding strong.
4. Get Ed Sheeran to follow the blog
  • FEB Update--sadness
5. Finish organizing files

I've been working on this for a few weeks now. I'd like to finish. I'm basically giving every image on the computer an actual name and not the gibberish ones they downloaded with. So if I'm wanting to find the penis cupcake image I can actually find the penis cupcake image. There's thousands of images and it's taking a while.
  • JAN Update--have deleted 4559 files
  • FEB Update--Still working on it. I've deleted more. I've sorted a lot more. It's helping
  • Dec Update-- Yeah. I have files out my ears. But I am doing better at labeling things as I save them.
6. Discuss More

I loved all the discussions last year but wasn't totally consistent. I'd really like to do some sort of discussion post or how to post each week. Aiming for Saturdays.
  • FEB Update--I've had some good ones so far and started a new feature Stahp It. 
  • Sept Update-- It's happening!
  • Dec Update-- I have a few new features and have had 2-3 chats a month lately.
7. Focus on Features

I've started a number of features over the years and I'm wanting to get back into doing some of them.

Quote-tastic: Really this one isn't an issue. I get it done every week on Monday :)
Tasty Delights: I'd like to do two a month. (every other Sunday)
The Bucket List: Once a month. I was hit or miss last year
Kitten Confessions: Once a month or so. I did good for a while then fizzled.
Passionately Pinterest: I did this one ages ago and it fell by the wayside. Basically take a pin and make it!
In My Cart Reviews: Once a month product review
Tag: The Cat Herder: Once a month
Insta-Wednesday: Every Wednesday
    • FEB Update-- Doing good on some. I need to work on my Bucket List, Passionately Pinterest and Kitten Confessions. I've not done any of those yet. 
    • Dec Update-- I need to do my bucket list, pinterest and in my cart better. I just failed at those bad. But I've kept up with Insta, Tag, Tasty delights and Quote-tastic like a boss!
    8. Do it now. Don't wait.

    With emails. With reviews. With formatting posts. With pulling together interview/guest post questions, etc.

    • Dec Update-- This has been going well this year. I'm better at emails and getting reviews done. Still slip up now and again but much better.

    9. Tackle my Blogging 101 Feature...finally.

    I've been working on this mini-feature and would like to finally get it out there.

    • Fail. Pushed to 2017. lol
    10. Streamline.

    Basically I want to blog smarter and streamline everything I do with the blog, with updating things and such.

    • Yeah. I'm rocking this. Things are going smoother and I'm wasting less time. Woohoo!

    Non Blogging Bits

    1. Try something new

    I've actually put this one into motion already and signed up for something. It stars 1/9 and goes for three months. We shall see.
    • FEB Update--LOVING this. I'm doing an ASL class and it's been a great time so far.
    • Dec Update-- I totally rocked this hard! Started the Life Reboot and that made all the difference.
    2. Get healthier

    I suck at this. I eat pretty well (for the most part) but man I hate exercise. Hate it with a passion. And since I love food...this is a problem. lol
    • FEB Update--I hate exercise but have been working my way up step countwise with my Fitbit. I'm up to 5500 a day fairly consistently. 
    • Dec Update-- Exercise sucks. But I am eating smarter. 
    3. Organize the house

    I like to organize. So why I'm not totally organized is beyond me. I'd like, by the end of the year, to have the entire house organized, purged, and be able to find what I'm looking for when I'm looking for it. My goal is 10 minutes per day. Not a lot but over a year it'll add up.
    • FEB Update--Slow going. I took a long time off just because of the herd. So lots of catching up to do.
    • Dec Update-- Still working on it.
    4. Visit home

    I've not been able to go home in, like, four years. And I miss my mom and grandmom and the herd babes that live down there. It's been so long since I've seen any of them. I'm going to try to do a surprise visit in 2016. It'll only be a day long trip but still.
    • FEB Update-- We're going to try to get together for a day trip mid-way between our homes :)
    • July Update-- I MADE IT HOME!!! And it was awesome. I went by train and loved it.
    5. Spend more time with the herd and get everyone healthy

    The herd is getting older and with that brings health issues. I need to spend more time with them while they're here and not waste away the days. More outings with the herd pup, more play time with the herd kitties. And full vet visits for everyone even if they're okay.
    • FEB Update-- I've been spending a lot of time with the herd. We've had a lot of sadness and illness though. Trying our best but old age is an absolute bitch.
    • Dec Update-- We had a LOT of loss this year. It's brutal when your herd gets old. Between my house and my mom's (childhood pets) we lost 9 herd babies this year in a matter of about 4 months. I'll be honest. That wrecked most of my year and is why I struggled so hard with some goals, blog visits and just everything. We also lost a family friend (my grandmom's best friend) who has been with us since the 60s. It was just a rough year. But we're going into the next year with everyone pretty healthy and mostly happy. 

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