Friday, January 1, 2016

Herding Cats is FOUR!! Woots & Squees!

It's 2016!!!
But! More importantly herding cats & burning soup is officially FOUR years old. <wink>
It's been a whirlwind of a 4 years but I've had such a good time with it. Never thought I'd be doing all of the events and features I currently do but damn it's a good time.

Thank you so much for being a part of the last four years in whichever way it's been.

There's a giveaway going for Authors for the Holiday and to celebrate our blogiversary.
Just go HERE and enter. There's some AMAZING stuff up for grabs :) It ends in one week.

Soo just a few stat-ish kind of things because, well, I like that short of stuff. lol

Total Reviews Posted


Big Events Hosted

Authors for the Holidays
Blog Ahead
Support the Troops Auction

Most popular posts?

Interview w/ Jennifer Lyon--3671
Interview w/ Kieran Kramer--3379

Hairy... (maybe, kinda, a little NSFW...maybe)--3377
(this one actually crashed my image account because there were so many views in a 24 hour period lol)

Authors for the Holidays Line Up 2014!--2912
4.5 stars! Full Throttle by Erin McCarthy--2706
Impetuous by Lori Foster--1834
Authors for the Holidays 2015--1772
SIGN UP-- Blog Ahead!-- 1651

Top Keywords that brought people HERE!

jensen ackles body
bacon & cheese egg mcmuffin
cum for bigfoot
button christmas tree ornament

Total posts? 


What's coming up?

Ahhh isn't that the question! lol

I've got lots of reviews planned for 2016. A few authors stopping by. Lots of food and herd babes. Maybe a new feature or two. Hopefully some more assistant work with authors.

Really though my big plan is just to have fun and enjoy a new year on the blog. Hope yall will stick around and see what all unfolds! Now. Go enter the giveaway!

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