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3.5 stars-- One Love: A Multicultural Romance Boxed Set

This was an interesting boxed set. All of them were previous releases except for possibly North's contribution and they revolve around the theme of being multicultural romance. Some it was fairly obvious. Some it was fairly light as far as that element went. I ended up reading four of the six books included. The last two were just too long to tackle by release day though I'm sure I'll check them out eventually. This is a pretty hefty sized box set for just 99cents. It was over 15.000 locations on my Kindle and 15ish hours of reading. Not bad! There's a nice variation of storylines too which was nice. Some I really loved and others...not so much. A little on each of the ones I read...

All You Can Handle by Farrah Rochon

Type: Contemporary     Rating: 3.5 stars    Heat:  3 heat

The quick of it: One night these two meet in a bar and the sparks fly and one things leads to sweaty one-night stand sex in a VW Bug and then heading their opposite directions. But life likes to play games and he ends up her landlord and they happen to have friends in common too so avoiding each other and the awkward? Not gonna happen! Heh
"Oh wow," Ian said. He reached for the engine, then pulled his hand back. "Can I?"

"Go ahead." She loved the pure awe in his voice. Anyone who could appreciate a classic VW Bug was gold in her eyes.

Ian placed his palm on the camshaft and released a deep moan. "This makes up for no sex."

Her head flew back with her laugh.

"I'm serious," Ian said. "This is like touching history. Not that touching you wouldn't have been historic, but this...this is a '62 Beetle."

"You're actually comparing sex with me to touching my car?"

"I should stop while I'm ahead, shouldn't I?"

"I think so," Sonny said, laughing again. 
The Yay: Oh I just loved this hero! All You Can Handle was a sweet small town romance. It was an easy read with a great hero and set up and a heroine trying to find her way. The writing was simple but the story was sweet, heartwarming and lovely. I enjoyed seeing these two deal with the awkward, with living so close and becoming friends despite her reservations. She really needed to find her place in life and figure some things out and it was nice seeing it finally happen. It's a quick read but enjoyable and will have me checking out more of the series, I'm sure.

The Nay: Hrms. The writing was fairly simplistic. That's not a bad thing really but I kind of wanted a little more from it.

The Obsession by Liliana Lee
Type: Historical (China) Serial     Rating: 1 star     Heat: 3.5 flames

The Quick of It: The Princess, despite having 30 male sex slaves, has fixated on a man in Court and has basically had her brother deliver him to her. She gets 10 days of basically owning the man and making him have a sexual relationship with her even though he's not willing.

The Nay: Yeah. I did not like this one at all. The heroine was incredibly unlikable--self absorbed, sex obsessed, shallow (surrounds herself with only the most beautiful sex slaves because why would she want to be reminded of the ugly in the world?). There was no real chemistry between the heroine and her forced hero. The sex scenes were gratuitous and meaningless with her concubines. And with the hero it was at best dubious consent but pretty much sexual assault that bordered rape since he was forced to be with her or piss off her crazy brother who was the Emperor and fine with killing anyone. She never forces penetration but it's damn close. Nothing sexy about that.

This also isn't a full story. It's the first part of a three part book. There's no romance so I'm not quite sure how it's in a romance box set. It was multicultural I guess since it's set in China

Wild for Him by Jill Sorenson
Type: Contemporary     Rating: 3.5 cats     Heat: 3 flames

The Quick of It: This one was kind of different! It takes place right as an earthquake has hit San Diego and turned it pretty much into a disaster area. The heroine has landed at a triage shelter helping with people coming in to be evacuated.and gets a surprise of her best friend's boyfriend (kinda sorta but long distance and not all that couply) rushing in to hunt down the girlfriend then winding up helping at the shelter.

The Yay!--Sorenson was a new to me author in 2015 and quickly became one of my favorites so I was excited to try this one. And I enjoyed it! It was different setting-wise which was fun/horrifying (earthquakes freak me out!) and I loved the characters. Gwen was take charge and bold. She's got tattoos and spirit and owns her own tattoo parlor. And Mitch. Well he's awkward and totally endearing because of it. He has trouble with social type interactions or being touched which I totally related too. Very focused and intent on his missions. He's a cat hater though so got docked a couple points for that. lol
"This is crazy."

"I can't sleep at night. I stay up late, fantasizing about you. I think about the way you smell and the way you tasted. I'm a walking hard-on." He let out a frustrated breath, glancing around to make sure no one was listening to his inappropriate conversation. "That was oversharing, wasn't it? I'm still new at this."

"You're doing okay."


"Tell me more about your hard-on," she said huskily.

He almost dropped the phone. "I'm at work."
The Nay-- My only issue was some toeing the line in regards to cheating. He technically had a girlfriend during the early parts though they were fizzling due to a few things. Things might have crossed the line with a little touching before the break up was official though it wasn't TOO much. Full out sex was post him breaking up with his girlfriend so it wasn't a total deal breaker for me.

Cabin Fever by Audra North
Type: Contemporary      Rating: 4 cats     Heat: 3 heat

The Quick of it: Becca and Rico were close growing up but some heated words 5 years ago have had them avoiding each other despite him being her brother's best friend. But the Fates how they play! It's Christmas and both needing an escape they head to her parent's cabin in the woods without realizing the other would be there and they'll finally have to confront all those feelings from the past. Ahhh!

The Yay: One of my favoritest storylines is a cabin in the woods during a winter storm. Something about it just gets me all giddy. There wasn't a huge storm but a cabin during the holidays and being stuck with each other. I loved these two. They're so good with each other and have that vibe from knowing each other most their lives despite being apart the last few years. Lots of sexy, lots of emotion, lots of healing. It was sweet and heartwarming. Kinda different, too, in that the hero was an amputee. He lost his arm a little while back after an attack. It was interesting to see them deal with that and the insecurities it held for him. It got me chuckling now and again, as well. This was near the start when he'd accidentally walked in on her in the bathroom...
"It's okay. You can uncover your eyes now."

He brought his hand down to find she'd wrapped the towl around herself, but he could still see her gorgeous legs and her bare shoulders and-- why was she looking down and--

Oh yeah. She was staring at his erection, which wasn't exactly subsiding with her attention trained on it. In fact, it was almost preening, straining to be noticed. Look at me, Becca! Look at me close up! With your mouth...

Jesus, he was too tired to be anywhere near her right now.
The Nay: I wanted more! It was a totally satisfying read as it was but I could have easily spent a whole book with these two.

Six multicultural romances by six talented authors! From contemporary West Texas to Old West California, get swept away with these passionate couples


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