Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hello, My Name Is...Giveaway Hop {Jan 7-14}

Kick off the new year visiting your favorite blogs and finding a few new ones to fall in love with! Each blog is serving up some quirky fun behind the scenes facts about themselves and a great giveaway too!

Silly Quirky Facts about Herding Cats

    alpha male, sexy men, hot guys, hairy chest
  • Our most popular post? Hairy men! lol I did a man candy post for an event. An author shared it and it was seen so many times it ended up crashing our image account because we got so many views in 3 days. lol It's been seen about 3500 times now.
  • I love monster porn. Or what I call Weird Fuckery. All those crazy titles out there like Cum for Bigfoot or The Haunted Vagina. I need to read more of them. *nods* Alas, it has been a while. 
  • Not quirky but the blog just turned 4 years old! Holy cow. There might be a huge giveaway going with that :D
  • I totally have blogger ADD I'm terrible at sticking to just ONE type of post and am always jumping into new features and such. It's just so fun!
  • Okay. So I don't have actual statistics but I'd bet more posts than not have the word fuck in them. ::snort:: Really it's probably about 1/3rd of them do but still. <grins>

    Silly bits about Mwah!

      nails, nail polish ideas, water marbling
    • Birds freak. me. out. But I still have 6 bird feeders at the house because I worry about them being hungry. Especially in the winter. 
    • I see 440am more often than 440pm
    • I'm a bit obsessed with painting my nails and trying out all those nail art tutorials
    • My favorite ever sandwich is fried egg with cheddar cheese and apricot jam. Noms!
    • I've not bought a single banana in the past year that didn't either end up in a bowl of ramen or as banana bread. 

    The Giveaway

    Check Out the Blogs
    There's a giveaway at each stop!


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