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Quote-tastic/Review--Unworthy--Unhinge by Calia Read

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A very different one today. The a psych ward. And she's not one of the employees! She's actually a committed patient. It was crazy interesting. I just loved this quote from the hero... (yes there was some romance!)
"How can you love me?"

"You think you're not worthy of love and you expect me to believe the same thing, but I can't. You're a different work of art, Victoria. The seams of your soul are uneven, and fraying at the edges. But you were created that way and I think it's the most beautiful thing I'll ever see."
This one struck me for some reason too...

The truth can do one of three things: free you, break you, or complete you.

Unhinge (Fairfax #2)

Well, now. There was a bit of a mind-fuck. Unhinge was an...interesting read as the fragile mind of Victoria--who is in a psyche ward--is pieced back together memory by memory and a devastating mystery is unraveled. Read had me completely fascinated with this curiously twisted tale. 

The quick of it is that Victoria can't remember anything that happened before she found herself on the psych ward with her baby daughter. Everyone's telling her her husband is dead...but he still visits her every day. And so does a strange man she feels a connection with but just can't seem to place. She's desperate to get out of the ward but the only way to do that is to remember the past which will likely destroy her all over again.

So. This one is a little bit of a head messer and hard to review without spoiling anything. Gah! I enjoyed it, though. It's an interesting look into the life of someone who has cracked. Utterly and completely. Seeing sessions with her doctor, life in the ward, and flashbacks to all of the things that led up to her arrival at the hospital. Moments of not knowing if Victoria was truly insane or if the thoughts and memories about the past that were bubbling to the surface were fact. Seeing the people in her life and not knowing if they were on the up and up or part of what landed her there.

One surprising thing was that there was actually some romance! It was light and for a while had me a bit on edge but it worked and in the end was incredibly sweet. There wasn't much on the heat factor--a couple present day kisses and then things happening in flashbacks. My only real complaint was that there was a LOT of crazy in this book and I would have loved just a little more at the end with the romance once things were figured out.

All in all, Unhinge was an intriguingly disturbing and twisted tale that had me enthralled from page one. Read pulled me along and had me utterly fascinated as truth and fiction blended and the past was revealed. 

Victoria can’t recall much of her life before she came to Fairfax Hospital, but she prefers it that way. She holds her beautiful baby daughter, Evelyn, every day and that’s enough…isn’t it? But when Evelyn is taken from her, Victoria’s world begins to fray at the seams. It becomes apparent to her that the hospital walls aren’t the only obstacles standing between her and the outside world—Victoria has constructed a hall of mirrors deep inside, every false image a distraction from the trauma of her past life. A white picket fence, a family on the way…yet something feels amiss in her memories of a happy marriage. When a handsome stranger begins visiting Victoria, pressing her to remember her past, she struggles to separate real memories from refracted images she has created, knowing at last that only the truth can set her free.


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