Friday, January 8, 2016

4 stars--Renegade (Taggart Brothers #2) by Lisa Bingham

Wow!! Bingham knows how to deliver a story that'll tug at your heart, make you swoon, & leave you begging for a little more reading time to devour every single page. Renegade was an amazing read and, whew, it packed a punch as two individuals with the weight of the world on their shoulders find that maybe, just maybe, what they need most is someone by their side to help weather the storms.

The quick of it is that Bronte and her daughters have run from a bad situation. They've come cross country to the safety of her grandmother's home to regroup but instead of a warm embrace Bronte finds even more worries piled onto her shoulders, emotional strife with her daughters and an irresistibly tempting stranger who keeps crossing her path.

These two. I just. They gabbed my heart completely. Bronte and Jace are both struggling with raising children on their own--he's raising his younger brain damaged brother-- and their responsibilities have left them exhausted and lonely. They were just such amazing individuals--caring, dependable and willing to give their all to the people they love--and so much stronger than they thought they were.

I really loved them together. Their romance is a little slower moving due to the children and other responsibilities but it worked. They were wonderful. They didn't push each other or create drama in the relationship and there was just an ease between them as they were getting to know one another. They had the type of romance I would love. It's not flashy or in your face but it's solid, strong and runs deep. It was wonderful seeing them heal and find comfort in one another when life was hard.

The kids were an interesting addition to the mix adding humor, frustrations, incredibly sweet moments and some utterly heartbreaking ones. There are some darker undertones now and again and they had me in tears more than once. I did love them as a whole, though. It was incredibly touching watching Bronte and Jace fall in love with not just each other but with the kids as well.

All in all, Bingham, once again, blew me away with an emotional and heartfelt romance that left me breathless and touched the soul. Absolutely beautiful. This is a series that shouldn't be missed.

When tragedy struck, Jace Taggart stepped in to run the family business and care for his brothers, sacrificing his own happiness to ensure their well-being. But after the beautiful Bronte Cupacek moves to town, Jace realizes he can’t ignore the hunger inside him much longer.

However, the last thing Bronte needs is another man in her life. After the end of a painful marriage, she just wants to focus on her daughters. They need her now more than ever. Yet no matter how hard Bronte tries to stand on her own two feet, it’s hard to resist the handsome cowboy who keeps coming to her aid.

Soon secrets from the past threaten everything dear to them. Only through embracing their undeniable connection can Jace and Bronte build a future together that no one can tear apart...

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