Saturday, January 2, 2016

Progress Post: 2016 Reading Challenges {Pervy Girl, New to You, Pick Your Genre}

I'm hosting and participating in a few reading challenges in 2016. This is going to be my base post for each of the challenges. There will be quarterly updates too. Everyone is welcome to join in on any of the challenges at any point in the year. More info is linked with each!

2016 Pervy Girl Challenge

Woohoo for Pervy girls! This challenge is all about expanding your reading horizons and trying some new kinks. There's a checklist and you basically try to find a book for each item on the list. 

More Info HERE.

I'm going to try for 24 items. So. Two a month. 

2016 New to You Challenge

This is one of my favorite challenges. Again with the trying new things. New authors, debut books, new series, new genre, etc. Basically any big "new".

More Info HERE.

I'm going for 52 "new to me" items.

2016 Pick Your Genre Challenge

Aaaaaand the Pick Your Genre. This is replacing the normal historical and erotic challenges I do each year. I'm going to tackle Erotic (24), Historical (24), Contemporary (40) & Monster Porn (6) as my genres of choice.

More Info HERE.



Monster Porn:


Are you joining in on any reading challenges this year?

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